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‘Grateful’ is Armani White’s tribute to a tumultuous past

Armani White’s evolution as an artist is duly noted in his new single, ‘Grateful’. The West Philly rapper pulls back the curtain to reveal a little more about his life experiences. “Grateful” also stays true to his storytelling style of music.

The momentous success from Armani’s previous single, “Danny Mac“, carries over into this new single. “Grateful” is rooted in tragedy turned into growth.

Throughout the record, Armani takes time to reflect on his losses and how he then transformed them into lessons. These lessons inevitably turned into triumphant celebrations. He describes his experience with gratitude,

My entire life has felt like a series of blessings and curses no one could’ve prepared for. I spent so much time blaming myself for things that went wrong, I forgot to blame myself for all the things that went right. There were so many blessings sent as reminders that I’m on the right path, I can only be grateful that I’m still here and able to receive all of it. 

Armani White

The inspiration behind ‘Grateful’

‘Grateful’ is a soulful reminder that for every bad thing that happens in life, something good will follow. The harmonious choir and soothing background vocals perfectly balance the vulnerable undertone of this track.

The song’s dialogue is also drawn from a painful life experience. Armani touches on a fatal house fire from his childhood where he lost four family members and explores how it’s molded him through the years. He thus defines “Grateful” as:

The song focused so much on the things that have kept me grounded throughout the years, it felt important to me that the music expressed those same roots.

Armani White

The past year has produced many grateful moments for Armani White. For starters, Armani brought in the 2021 New Year by performing at the Virtual NYE Times Square Concert. He double dipped his NYC opportunity by featuring himself on a Times Square billboard.

armani white
Armani White gearing up for the 2021 Virtual NYE concert. Courtesy of Jamestown

Armani White is on the rise

The gratitude tour continued during the days leading up to the Super Bowl. 2019 Super Bowl Champion and MVP Patrick Mahomes featured Armani’s song “2maro” as his featured track for his pump-up before Super Bowl LV.

Another opportunity also presented itself to Armani when he became the voice-over actor for GoDaddy’s “Make a Different Future” viral ad campaign.

His most recent blessing then came as recently as today.

The NBA announced a partnership with Armani White that pairs the release of ‘Grateful’ with the NBA’s “Earned Jersey” campaign.

This collab features earned edition jerseys for teams who earned a spot in the 2020 playoffs. The jerseys also celebrate each franchise’s colors, logos, heritage, and more.

“Grateful” is an ode to the triple-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster known as life. The good and the bad are part of the experience. Armani White also expresses gratitude like no other artist in today’s industry.

Peep Armani White’s latest hit single, “Grateful”, below.

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