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Belle Knox

How adult star Belle Knox is putting herself through law school using porn money

Let’s remember the name that once upon a time caught all the headlines, Belle Knox. The 25-year-old Miriam Weeks carried a pseudonym all the way to the West Coast, supporting her attendance at Duke University, and using an alias to disguise her identity.

The former X-rated starlet is now attending New York Law School, and people are losing their fucking minds.

For some reason, a porn star doing things that regular people do on a daily basis is too much for the internet, and the community, to handle.


While at Duke, Knox was seen as such a threat for peace disturbance that a security guard was considered for her to “keep her safe” from the harassment she was receiving.

Page Six couldn’t find anymore information on her, so they quoted an unknown, but thoroughly reputable source, of “A man who met her at a dinner at the San Remo Cafe in the Village said, ‘She was really loud and wouldn’t stop talking about herself.'”

Annoyingly, a spokeswoman at New York Law School wouldn’t give out any information as to whether or not she is even attending, which sucks for us, because it makes it that much harder for us to snap and send pictures of her studying in the library or eating lunch in the cafeteria to The Times.

Luckily, we still have From Straight A’s to XXX, the intrepid documentary that focused on Knox’s journey and the BS she went through to get her education.

“The movie chronicled the vicious bullying she endured at the mercy of classmates who discovered that she was leading a double life as college student and XXX star.”

Though her porn days are long behind her, mad people are still dumbfounded at the revelation that she’s going to actually partake in the law.

She even had to defend herself in an essay posted by XO Jane,

“I’ve been called a hypocrite and mocked for daring to talk about empowerment if I have also not kept adequately hidden away my enjoyment of rough and dirty, nasty and filthy, saliva-dripping and name-calling-filled sex.”

She has dreams of becoming a women’s rights and/or civil rights lawyer. Maybe we’ll be seeing part 2 of her documentary, From XXX to Sentencing?