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Why Adolescent Content is charging Gen-Z to capture their own generation

Getty Images stays on the cutting edge of imagery. The media giant has recently collaborated with Adolescent Content and is putting young people behind the camera for authentic representations of millennials and Gen Z.

Adolescent Content is a global creative collective that represents Gen Z and Millennial creatives. Their content focuses on reaching young people, a growing demographic. The ongoing partnership with Getty Images seeks to modernize the depiction of young people in stock imagery.

Adolescent Content/Nhi Nguyen


Like any group or class of people, it makes sense that those in the group are better able to capture genuine photos of the experiences of that group. Like racial representation and gender representation, age representation is also important.

Millennials are known for starting the shift in consumerism and embracing technology wholeheartedly. Gen Z has taken that shift and expanded it, allowing for creativity to flourish alongside passionate activism and innovation.

Adolescent Content/Violetta Capasso

Gen Z specifically is more representatively diverse and unapologetically creative. They tolerate their non-mainstream demographics but actively embrace them.

Different sexualities, gender expressions, races and understandings of culture interact much more seamlessly and with respect in younger circles.

Claudia Marks, Senior Art Director at Getty Images said:

“Knowing the creative power that bubbles within Gen Z, we knew the value in partnering with Adolescent and their talented community. Together, with the team at Adolescent, we devised a briefing strategy that would engage their creators on themes we knew were equally topical and important to this demographic: beauty, love, technology, and activism.”

Adolescent Content/Daniela Ruiz de Esparza

Getty Images knows what’s up

According to data collected by Getty Images, searches such as ‘teenager mobile phone’ have increased by 19752%. ‘Teen’ has increased by 111%, ‘young woman’ by 110% and ‘young man’ by 101%.

This partnership creates a unique opportunity for young creatives to share their work with a wider audience. The value of their work is immense in the grand scheme of brand marketing. The Gen Z market in the U.S. is valued at $485 billion. Young people are attracting brands who need to find better ways to engage with that audience.

The photos, videos, and images will be a better representation of who Gen Z and Millennials are, and what they believe in. Their experiences and appearances will no longer be a total mystery or surprise.

Adolescent Content/ Schael Marceus