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Mike Posner is trooping it across America to share his inner peace

How far would you go to find inner peace? How far would you go to share that inner peace with others after you’ve found it? That’s the important part, isn’t it? Sharing a newfound peace with others so that they can find it too.

The most famous unfamous singer-songwriter, Mike Posner, is doing exactly that. His journey from Asbury Park, NJ to  Venice Beach, CA, ensued two weeks ago, just a couple of months after he released his latest album A Good Kid, in Jan.

In a recent IG post, he said,

“I hope my walk can remind myself and others that life is now. Life isn’t in five years or after I accomplish some goal. This is it. We have to enjoy each step.”

The album is an in-depth look at the triple threat of tragedies that have recently occurred in Posner’s life — the death of his father, his longtime collaborator Avicci, and homie Mac Miller.

For anyone who has lost someone, especially three people over the course of two years, you know that refilling that void can be difficult. Still, somehow we must find a way to stay strong and carry on.

Some are able to continue on their life journey by creating and others by giving the love that they had for their lost ones to those that really need it. For Posner, it seems as if he’s tackling his inner issues by walking across America and performing what he’s described as “ninja concerts.”

Incredible, isn’t it? It takes a lot of strength to stand up after you take an L and remind people that you’re still in it to win it. The beauty of continuing can inspire many and what Posner is doing is a direct reminder of what true inner peace can look like.

On this journey across America, he’s disconnected with worldly things and connected to what really matters — the people. He’s touching the hearts of those with his music. We can only wonder what he’s thinking.

Is he ok? Yes. Will he keep going? Of course, we need him to. All we can do is hope that those who he comes across on his journey across The Land of Opportunity will be inspired and find the same inner peace Posner has found.

Please, keep on going Posner.

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to stream his new album A Good Kid we ask that you do so below.