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Who is A.CHAL? Why you should be smoking to EXOTIGAZ

EXOTIGAZ is the latest EP from artist A.CHAL. A chill EP overall, it combines some reggaetón with R&B and lo-fi beats on most of the tracks. With the rise of Latin music on the Billboard 100, A. CHAL is definitely making the right decision to mix Latin music with more mainstream genres like trap and R&B.

Peruvian singer-songwriter, Alejandro Chal, creates a cross-cultural sound on all his releases, seeing success with “Love N Hennessey,” originally released on ON GAZ in 2017.

The R&B/Soul song was later remixed featuring 2 Chainz and Nicky Jam.

A.CHAL’s EXOTIGAZ starts with the perfect start to a chill night that’s upbeat but with a hazy overlay.

“DÉJALO” stays smokey but somehow feels darker and almost psychedelic with some definite R&B vibes which are the perfect time to light a joint if you haven’t already.

“INDIGO GIRL” might be on your studying playlist with equal parts lo-fi and R&B. But don’t expect the same from the fan favorite “000000,” which should be your next Spanglish obsession.

Swizz Beatz was recently tagged in IG post with the Latin singer bumping the track. It seems as if for A.CHAL’s next project we might see a collaboration between the producer and the serene artist.

EXOTICA gives you some classic Latin rock feels with its addition of the guitar track that stays throughout the song even as it dips back into a familiar beat.

“PUMP FAKE” leans into more classic hip-hop style beats and snares to close the EP out and throwing some auto-tune for the R&B seal.

EXOTIGAZ gives you Spanglish Latin hits with a chill-wave twist and indigenous music inspired melodies. And It doesn’t hurt that the dark bops are smokey enough to spark up to.

Whether you’re looking for Spanglish tracks, something to begin or end the night with, or just something to smoke to, EXOTIGAZ should be on your rotation for any chill situation.

While we wait for A. CHAL’s next project, that should drop soon, take a listen to EXOTIGAZ below.