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boogie with da hoodie

Who is A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie? The BX rapper bringing a new sound to NYC

In an an era of mumble rap and trap artists flexing over the beat, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie’s style brings-hip hop (and most musical genre’s) back to its roots, singing about love and growing up.

When asked about his style and why he doesn’t dabble in the elusive art of mumble rapping he told NewsWeek,

“I guess I never really got to a point where I decided I wanted to rap like a mumble rapper. As a New York rapper, I feel like I can’t take it there anyway. That would be changing New York. My music, it needs to be heard. Sometimes the vibe is good, but I don’t really care about [being played in the club]. I care to be heard.”

Artist Julius Dubose was born in Highbridge, NYC in the Bronx (the same place as Cardi B) and started rapping at age 12. He acquired the name “A Boogie Wit da Hoodie” for a multitude of reasons.

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The A comes from his first name, Artist. The “boogie” comes from being from the Bronx. And the “hoodie” part is due to the fact that he always had a hoodie on as part of his wardrobe.

Although A boogie stays repping New York, he credits his real incentive to taking rap seriously and entering the game by the time he spent in Florida.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, A-Boogie went on to explain how his parents moved to Florida first and how he ended up down there with them.

“My mom and my dad moved to Florida first. I was in New York, I got in trouble a few times – just regular little weed charges and shit. They were like, ‘It’s over, you gotta come with us.'”

It was in Florida where Artist met producer Mr. Whyte, who evidently helped him turn into the artist he is today and reach the stardom he has achieved.

With songs like “Say A”, “No Promises”, “Undefeated”, “Beast Mode”, and “No Comparison”, (and let’s not forget “Drowning”) all breaking the Billboard top 100 off of his first legitimate studio album The Bigger Artist, it seems that Artist (get it?) Dubose has already established a solid foundation in the rap game.

But this is just the beginning, A Boogie went into detail about new directions he wants to take his music in the future, telling NewsWeek,

“I would like to do more singing, but I want more of a pop feeling when I do that. I don’t wanna just do it out of nowhere. [My career] gotta rise more.”

A Boogie is quietly taking over the rap game, with a famous artist like Drake as his cosign, the sky is the limit for Artist Dubose.

Of course, being under the spotlight at such a young age brings about a lot of stress. Being that he is twenty one years old, A Boogie is not immune to cracking under the pressure.
Earlier this year on October 21st, A Boogie and his crew allegedly attacked Lil B backstage at Rolling Loud music festival after an altercation between the two parties.

Everything turned out ok, no one was severely injured, and the two parties absolved the issue pretty quickly. In fact, Lil B came out during his show and publicly forgave A Boogie right after it happened, and A Boogie apologized a couple days later via Twitter.

All incidents aside, Artist Julius Dubose is an up and coming artist with a very melodic flow that’ll take you on a musical journey, backed with meaningful lyrics.

He is helping bring the rap game back to its rightful home, New York City, albeit with a very new sound.

A Boogie is up next, and we can’t wait to see what he does with it.

Peep his debut album The Bigger Artist here

Music week in review: Mount Kimbie, Corbin, Young Thug, & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Ah, the crisp air of autumn has descended upon us.

It’s time to bust out those sweatshirts and sweaters and actually be at work on Friday.

As you settle into the first weekend of fall, you’ll need some jams to carry you through it. We’ve got a fun week of releases to run through.

Mount Kimbie – Love What Survives

British post-dubstep duo Mount Kimbie have returned with their third studio album, and first since 2013, and it’s pretty damn awesome. Their first album, Crooks & Lovers (a personal favorite album of mine), established Mount Kimbie as a force within the alternative electronic music scene back in 2010.

Their second album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth expanded their sound massively, with a bunch of live instrumentation and actual vocals, but perhaps strayed too far from the magic they captured on their first record.

Love What Survives is a happy medium between those two polar-sounding albums as they’ve found a way to make the live instrumentation and electronic synths work in tandem. The production is sleek and smooth and with stylish features from artists like King Krule, James Blake, and Micachu, Mount Kimbie are safely positioned at the forefront of the English music scene with their brand of pensive electronic music.

If you’re looking for some interesting music to groove to that’s not gonna slap you over the face with over-cooked BASS, Mount Kimbie is for you.

Corbin – Mourn

Corbin, FKA Spooky Black, rose to prominence off the back of a huge SoundCloud following with his dulcet and dark tones. He’s now ditched his old moniker and buttoned up his sound slightly.

His first debut album is produced entirely by the trip-hop electronic production collective WEDIDIT, consisting of Shlohmo and D33J. It’s full of that murky sound Spooky Black fans have become familiar with over the years. Now as Corbin, the artist painfully howls along to the cloudy, 808-heavy production from Shlomo and D33J.

Corbin is definitely one to keep an eye on in this space. He’s a pretty cool artist with a very distinct sound. There’s not too much true sadboy R&B out there, Corbin may be establishing a nice little niche for himself.

Odesza – A Moment Apart

The Seattle electronic duo Odesza have delivered a catchy, fun album with A Moment Apart. It’s a beautifully melodic album, with vocals and big production intricately weaved together to create total electronic goodness.

And in terms of vocals, there’s some awesome features, including Leon Bridges (“Across the Room” is a standout), Regina Spektor, and Sasha Sloan. This is one of the more entertaining albums of the year. It’s sort of like a more poppy version of Moby’s Play (not nearly as good, but still).

Young Thug – “Homie” (ft. Carnage, Meek Mill)

Young Thug, Meek Mill, and DJ Carnage have come together for this absolute BANGER. Thug, fresh off his Beautiful Thugger Girls album in June, has some more fire in the tank with this number.

Meek Milly and Thug teamed up earlier this summer for “We Ball” off Meek’s Wins and Losses album and DJ Carnage claimed last year that he and Thug have a collaborative album in the works. Judging off “Homie,” it’d be certified fire.

Lil Durk – “Goofy” (ft. Future, Jeezy)


This is just a great trio. Future, Lil Durk, and Jeezy are not fucking with any goofies.

Lil Durk just released Supa Vultures, his collab EP with Lil Reese, and now he’s out here dropping more collaborative litness. “Goofy” shows Durk hold his own along two of the greats in the game over a trademark Southside beat.

I’m putting this right in my rotation.

Oddissee – “Never Lived”

The Adult Swim Singles Program has been doing some really cool shit with releasing new music. Their latest track is Oddisee’s “Never Lived.” Oddisee is a melodic, lyrical rapper from the DMV. His album The Iceberg from earlier this year is one of the better alternative rap records of the year and “Never Lived” is just more of that.

If you haven’t peeped Oddisee yet, do that now.

iLoveMakonnen – “Love” (ft. Rae Sremmurd)

iLoveMakonnen! He’s back!

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the ATL rapper. This newest track, “Love,” is fucking wild. It’s a pop-punk record with Rae Sremmurd produced by Mike Will and I’m absolutely mystified how this happened. Do I like this song? No, not at all! Do I fuck with Makonnen? Always.

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie – “Beast Mode” (ft. PnB Rock, NBA YoungBoy)

Young Queens rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is very much on the rise. He’s released a new track off his upcoming album The Bigger Artist  (due September 29) with PnB Rock and NBA Youngboy.

It’s a truly fire sing-rapping track that A Boogie is particularly nice at. The additions of PnB and NBA Youngboy are pretty great as well. We’re definitely hype to hear A Boogie’s next project, with features from 21 Savage, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown.