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Stunt on everybody at the gym with this new Harry Potter workout gear

It’s here, Harry Potter fans… The new Harry Potter active wear line.

Can you think of anything sexier? Just imagine it, repping your house while working out. I’m serious, I’ve had many-a conversations started by pointing out Harry Potter garments.

Black Milk

First of all, what a way to start a conversation at the gym.

Secondly, no matter what house you belong to, these leggings are available in cute Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff stripes, each one corresponding with its house colors.

Black Milk

Black Milk Clothing, an Australian retail brand, designed the pants, as well as many other pieces. When you first enter the website, you will be asked to choose your house.

Once you do so, you’re directed into the magical look book, where you’ll see the different types of clothing available.

Black Milk

They’re cute, but they’re also useful. The pants run for $120, but are totally worth it, since they are sweat-absorbing.

Work out and stay dry without the use of magic — how’s that for a change? They’re also high-waisted, perfect for ultimate comfort, and have hidden pockets to hold your phone and other minor accessories.

Black Milk

Although half of the countless online quizzes I’ve taken in my life told me I’m a Hufflepuff, I will always rep Gryffindor, (and even Slytherin) before I admit I’m a Puffle.

Whatever house you’re rocking with, you’re gonna look lit!

Black Milk

Though the yellow stripes on the Hufflepuff pants are adorable, the red and yellow combination on the Gryffindor pair does it for me.

The colors on the pants aren’t obnoxious either, blending just enough to stand out while looking cute, but remaining subtle in their fashion statements.

Black Milk

No matter what house you are, what do you think of these pants — worth it, or nah?

Are you planning on buying the Harry Potter leggings, or sticking to Lulu Lemon?