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Stunning NYC architecture photography that makes us love the Big Apple

From a birds-eye view, New York City’s architecture could be seen as pretty systematic. The city’s grid layout and prevalence of buildings could leave you believing that NYC architecture is too homogenous. But photography of some of the most stunning buildings proves otherwise.

We’ve taken the liberty of shouting out some of the most stand-out architecture in NYC. The buildings are organized from more niche to basic locations.

Hopefully, city photographers will use this beautiful photography of magnificent NYC architecture to their advantage and let it serve as an inspiration to want to be great!

Belvedere Castle, Central Park

Located in Central Park (Cred: Wikipedia)

This stunning castle was completed in 1871. It’s one of the most hidden pieces of NYC architecture, and this photography proves that.

Now, the castle is used as an observation deck and exhibition site. And, its surrounding nature can take your images back in time to a stunning dated Gothic era.

Gracie Mansion

The Mansion underwent an intense renovation in 2016 (Cred: AD).

The Gracie Mansion embodies some of the least stereotypical NYC architecture on the island.

The mansion has been situated as NYC’s mayoral residence since 1942 by Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia. It is overlooking the water on East End Ave. and 88th St.

The photography of this exquisite piece of NYC architecture is almost just as beautiful as the stunning building itself.

Moynihan Train Hall

A near empty train hall, earlier this year (NYTimes).

Not to mention, on January 1st, Penn Station unveiled its newest addition: the Moynihan Train Hall.

The project took three years and now showcases an astonishing, modern, industrial interior proving the aesthetic effects of minimalistic design.

Woolworth Building

The historic landmark, continuing to make a statement in the city skyline over a century after it was built (Cred: Viator).

Still, located downtown near the corner of Park Pl. and Broadway, The Woolworth building is an NYC architecture classic.

The building opened in 1913 and was known as the tallest building in the world until 1930. In fact, the 792 ft. tall skyscraper is now a residential building that hosts tours of the beautifully ornate lobby.

Grace Church

Sadly, I couldn’t find an image that fully encapsulates the size and sheer brilliance of this Church (Cred: Pinterest).

Furthermore, Grace Church feels like a castle that was accidentally placed in Manhattan. Built-in 1847, the Church occupies 43,560 sq. ft. with enamoring gardens, fountains, and also several theological buildings.

When photographing this building, make sure to completely circle around it to get the full scope of magnitude. As far as photography goes for NYC architecture, it doesn’t quite get more historic than this.

United Nations Headquarters

The stocky building is an iconic symbol for peace and opportunity od NYC architecture (Cred: Arch Bishop of Canterbury).

Then, situated on FDR Dr. and E 42nd St. overlooking the East River, the UN New York Headquarters is one of the more culturally significant landmarks of our time.

The front’s reflective capacity serves also as a noble backdrop for the pridefully standing flags at the Headquarters forefront.

The Guggenheim

The iconic museum appears incredibly modern juxtaposed by its neighboring buildings,a building that makes NYC architecture unique. (Cred: InExhibit).

Of course, you can’t go wrong photographing both the interior and exterior of the glorious nyc architecture that is The Guggenheim.

In 1943, architect Frank Lloyd Wright was then commissioned to design the museum. One of the requirements was that it must be unlike any other museum; and to this day, it’s held up to that standard.

TWA Terminal Hotel

Inside the main communal room of the TWA hotel (Cred: Curbed).

Indeed, the TWA Terminal Hotel takes guests back to some of the most iconic elements of the 50s and 60s America.

It was modeled after the gorgeous structure of JFK in the 1960s. The hotel is a spitting image of the peak luxury that air travel used to be.

Not to mention, this is one of the latest NYC architecture additions, and the photography of it does not disappoint.

56 Leonard Building

The image serves as a gorgeous reminder of the NYC architecture and classic styles that can be found in NYC (Cred: Divisare).

Finally, the shimmering building is visible virtually everywhere in Tribeca.

In addition, the reflective nature of the tower mirrors the sky, making the tower look like a pixelated version of its surroundings.

And, the building feels like Tetris pieces placed atop one another and is truly one of NYC architecture’s most breathtaking buildings, as this photography makes clear.

Honorable mentions of NYC architecture photography:

The Met Steps

nyc architecture photography
The Met blends a classic and modern aesthetic in their timeless entrance (Cred: RedBubble).

The Occulus

nyc architecture photography
The breathtaking whale-fin exterior of The Occulus is arguably just as interesting as the interior (Cred: Medium).

The Vessel

nyc architecture photography
The Vessel at Hudson Yards overlooks the High Line in one of New York’s most expensive neighborhoods (Cred: BusinessInsider).

Flatiron Building

nyc architecture photography
The magnificent Flatiron building has been photographed and appreciated by city-goers since 1902 (Cred: Pinterest).

The Plaza Hotel

nyc architecture photography
The Plaza Hotel looks like a European castle overlooking one of New York’s most bustling Avenue (Cred: Orbitz).