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Stream Ulrika Spacek’s new album ‘Modern English Decoration’

London-based band Ulrika Spacek will release Modern English Decoration, their second studio album, on Friday. Their label, Tough Love Records, has the album up on SoundCloud.

Ulrika Spacek, pronounced “uhl-ri-kah spe-sec” is a mix between Ulrika Meinhof and Sissy Spacek. Ulrika Meinhof was a left-wing terrorist in West Germany in the 70s who hanged herself in her prison cell after being charged with a litany of violent and philosophical crimes and Sissy Spacek is a famous American singer and actress.

The band was formed in Berlin by two English dudes named Rhys (Williams and Edwards) and comprises of five guys, three of which are on guitar.

This multi-layered guitar makeup makes Ulrika Spacek a particularly interesting-sounding group, able to operate between the smallest of arpeggios to full-blown Phil Spector wall of sound.

On “Dead Museum” Ulrika Spacek starts off with typical jangly, slow-paced guitar melody and then devolves into distorted, wall of sound.

There’s evidence of Pavement and definitive traces of a lot of shoegaze on Modern English Decoration, even some contemporary American alternative influences apparent, but with an added tinge of psychedelic and airy vocals and guitar riffs.

The title track “Modern English Decoration” shows the different elements making up Ulrika Spacek’s sound. There’s a dreamy, floaty quality to their music, a sort of dim hovering that makes Ulrika Spacek’s music pretty intriguing.

Modern English Decoration makes for some cool listening. You can check it out over at Tough Love Records’ SoundCloud and buy/stream the album on Friday.