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Stop tryna be God: 14 rappers falling from grace during their performances

This weekend at Rolling Loud Festival in New York City, headliner Travis Scott, messed around a “broke [his] knee,” as he claimed, on stage after the performer’s array of stage antics went south.

Beginning with several fans dodging security, crashing the stage, then flying into the crowd for some surfing, Travis Scott’s performance at Citi Field became a zoo.

But during a brief hang from the speakers just above the stage, Scott came down on his right leg and injured his knee. Seemingly, rappers have become the new rockstars, hosting moshpits and stage diving at their shows.

We were so amped by Travis Scott’s ability to fight through his pain and keep the show going that we made a list of rappers falling over the years to remind you that it’s not about how many times you fall… You know the rest.

Travis Scott

Busta Rhymes

Method Man


Dizzee Rascal

The Game

Lil Wayne


Lupe Fiasco

Chief Keef


Wiz Khalifa

Lil Pump

Tekashi 69

No matter how poppin’ you get, remember one thing: with great pride comes a great fall. Each rapper took a shot at their own pride, in front of their fans, but here’s the catch, they kept it movin’.

There are a lot of things you can learn here. How not to absolutely beef in front of thousands of people, wearing your pants on your waist can go a far way, and why eating the embarrassment is always hotter than ignoring it.

After all who said being famous is easy. From these trips, falls, and tumbles it’s evident that every minor detail, when it comes to your routine, is important, even if your Travis Scott.

Still, does anyone remember when Beyonce almost fell from grace at that Nashville concert? Maybe some of these rappers can learn a thing or two from the Queen.