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STAY WOKE: Joey Bada$$ says he’s done with weed because it’s a ‘control tactic’

Weed is tight, weed is tight. But Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ has apparently sworn off the plant, telling fans via his Instagram story how wonderful his weed-less life has been

Bada$$ wrote on the gram:

“I feel like smoking is for older people who have worked a long time and are looking to relax. Not for young people who have a lot more to accomplish and can’t afford anything slowing them down from getting to their destination. I get it though a lot of you think you need it to cop w the stress trust me I been there, But, meditation is much better.”

I feel slightly attacked by his assertion that smoking is for old people but I guess claiming that he’s got more to accomplish before he gets lifted again makes some sense… for him.


Joey went on to say that he’s not smoking until he’s “chilling in that multi million dollar villa.”

Ok, all that makes sense to me, besides the fact that Joey basically called me washed, but that’s neither here nor there. But then Joey Bada$$ went all third eye, claiming that weed is being used as a “control tactic” and that’s why it’s being legalized.

“Why you think it’s becoming legal everywhere? Not just ’cause it’s lucrative, but it’s now being used as a control tactic. Look it up and ‘STAY WOKE.'”

Mmk. Seems like Joey Bada$$ could use a joint.


Smoke weed if you like it, don’t if you don’t! Definitely have a glass of water, though.