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Spencer Dinwiddie is good, but not $25 million in Bitcoin good

Spencer Dinwiddie loves a flare for the unnatural.

Dinwiddie, who previously attempted to tokenize his NBA contract but was told “no” by the league, posted a GoFundMe link on Friday stating that if fans reached his goal of $24,632,630, he would let them choose what franchise he signed with next.

The Brooklyn Nets guard is not a superstar, he is not even really a star, but a very high-level role player who could play a large role on a championship team. The niche he has carved out for himself in the league is commendable, as not many teams took a chance on him once Detroit essentially let him go and he spent some time in the G-League.

Yet his aspirations are high, and his desire to be the one player in the league to do something extremely innovative with his contract shows he is not like most athletes. But are his expectations for fans too high? The GoFundMe is not exactly on the proper trajectory for the lofty goal he set out for.

As of Sunday afternoon, Dinwiddie had raised less than $1,000 on the page, and the second-highest donation was for $69 from a Nets fan who included the message, “Knicks are Poopiepoopbuttbuttsoup.”

Ah, the crosstown rivalry between two teams. Basketball, we miss you.

Dinwiddie may have realized the error in his ways, based off of his tweet this morning.

The Nets guard won’t even be a free agent until 2022, although he does have a player option on the 2021/22 season where he is supposed to earn $12,302,496. Is he jumping the gun, wylin, or setting the standard for players who want to do something different with their contracts under the guise of additional freedom.

Almost certainly the former two.

However, any way you slice it, Dinwiddie is not like any other role player or close-to-All-Star in the league. And if he continues to play like he has been this year and last, the suitors will be aplenty in 2021/2022.

…But is this man really bugging though?