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South Asian architecture has a new wave of designs

Architecture is the boldest art form that has the ability to delight, inspire, and transform. South Asian architecture is a perfect example of harmonizing design with function.

Each corner of the globe has adopted distinct forms of architecture based on a variety of factors. Culture, environment, climate, and traditions are amongst a myriad of factors for architectural design.

Living off the land is a philosophy prevalent in South Asian architecture. Natural ventilation, insulated heating materials, and open space daylighting are functions that have been translated into design elements found in many South Asian structures.

The function of the land combined with the region’s reverence for culture fuses together for eye-opening designs that are one of a kind. A plethora of religions and traditions have shaped the lifestyle of the population, which in turn has then shaped the architecture of the region.

Combining such traditions and functionality with modern practice has resulted in a new age of South Asian architecture. Thus, Kulture Hub takes an in-depth look at some of South Asia’s latest architectural accomplishments.

ID Origins – Studio Symbiosis – Mumbai, India

south asian architecture photography
The heart of Mumbai Central will soon be fitted with a new jewel, the ID Origins building. Photo Courtesy of Studio Symbiosis

This landmark property was originally a 6-floor office structure, housing Ibrahim Dudhwala Real Estate Group. This redesign also includes a thirteen-story expansion set to add to Mumbai’s skyline.

The design makes use of parallel strokes that unify the structure and highlight the verticality of the tower. The heart of Mumbai Central just became a bit gaudier.

Furthermore, see ArchDaily’s in-depth analysis of ID Origins here.

18 SCREENS – Sanjay Puri Architects – Lucknow, India

south asian architecture photography
18 Screens is a combination of cubism and traditional South Asian architecture. Photo Courtesy of Sanjay Puri Architects

This residential home is an ode to the rich building heritage of Lucknow. The house’s main feature is a traditional Indian courtyard that responds to the climate of the region. The temperatures in the long summer months can reach upwards of 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celcius.

The patterned screens compliment the courtyard to provide natural ventilation throughout the house. Filtered traffic noise is another function of the patterned screens. And this photograph of the stunning South Asian architecture is also as stunning as they come.

Click here to see more details.

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir – InGenious Studio – Haryana, India

south asian designs
This is truly the grandest religious structure to be conceived in South Asia. Photo Courtesy of InGenious Studios

The world’s tallest religious building will reach heights of 700 feet (213 meters). The Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir is a Hindu Temple located in the northern-most state of India, Uttar Pradesh. The temple will be surrounded by social and residential facilities set on a 30-acre forest.

Additional facilities include a theme park, a cultural center, and even laser light shows. This is truly a gem in the making for South Asian architecture. Peep the video below for a stunning visual walkthrough.

Kapadia Residence – Coalesce Design Studio – Karachi, Pakistan

south asian architecture
Coalesce Design Studio’s modern take on classical South Asian Architecture. Photo courtesy of Coalesce Design Studio.

The goal of this South Asian design was to create a perception of what “the architecture of the moment” is. Coalesce Design Studio’s team then translated that goal by unifying the house through the transparent built form, open spaces, and visual experiences.

Every line, shape, and indent of this house responds to the other in a composed, simple fashion. The result is a beach house-like structure that has an abundance of natural light, a constant flow of fresh air, and a calming white exterior.

Additional photos of the this house can be seen here.

south asian designs
The open-space concept for homes is a design found through South Asian architecture. Photo Courtesy of Coalesce Studio

Dolmen City – Arshad Shahid Abdulla – Karachi, Pakistan

south asian architecture photography
The Karachi skyline now has a ship-like structure along the sandy shores of Clifton beach. Photo Courtesy of Arshad Shahid Abdulla.

One of Karachi’s best developments sits on the sandy shores of Clifton Beach.

A nautical theme is present throughout the entertainment and also retail spaces of this development. All public interior spaces contain design elements that evoke a sea-faring feeling. These elements include ship decks, seascapes, draw bridges, and marine life.

The Harbour Front is the architectural showpiece. The huge white sail of the office building dominates the Clifton Beach skyline.

south asian designs
The interior of Dolmen City is accentuated with elements of the sea. Photo Courtesy of Arshad Shahid Abdulla.

The Statesman – Studio Morphogenesis – Dhaka, Bangladesh

south asian architecture photography
Studio Morphogenesis plays with introvert and extrovert elements in The Statesman design. Photo courtesy of studio Morphogenesis.

The Statesman is a modern residential building situated in the heart of Dhaka. The building operates with introvert and also extrovert personalities.

On the north side, the glass façade opens the interior to natural light and open views of the neighborhood. Then, the south side has a screened-box façade that holds for a private zone for residents.

Also, check out ArchDaily’s in-depth review of the studio Morphogenesis’ latest masterpiece.

Photo courtesy of studio Morphogenesis.

Teach For Bangladesh Head Office – Studio Dhaka – Dhaka, Bangladesh

“Weaving the nature” was the design concept for Teach for Bangladesh’s HQ. Photo Courtesy of Studio Dhaka.

This collaborative open-plan workspace has been designed as if the spaces are “weaving the nature.”

Teach for Bangladesh’s headquarters has made the most of its limited budget. The designs of this building also resonate with Bangladeshi design aesthetics. Naturally lit and ventilated rooms combined with modern furnishings pair seamlessly.

Making the most of the land has enabled the architects of Studio Dhaka to produce a low energy-consuming structure. See the video below for a pleasant tour of the Teach For Bangladesh Headquarter.

Tree Top Cabins – KWA Architects – Norton Bridge, Sri Lanka

Escape amongst the tree lines in KWA Architects Tree Top Cabins. Photo Courtesy of KWA Architects.

This stunning treetop cabin development is located near the Seven Virgins mountain range in Sri Lanka.

The open glass facades truly accentuate the experience of taking in the sites and sounds. Visitors have the privilege of taking the sights of the mountain range and also the two waterfalls on both sides of the site.

KWA architects give “becoming one with nature” a whole new meaning.

Azure 10 Villas – A-Designstudio – Ussangoda, Sri Lanka

The simple cubism design of Azure 10 Villas. Photo Courtesy of a-DesignStudio

This is beach living at its finest.

This collection of 10 luxury villas provides wrap-around views of the Laccadive Sea. The ground-floor bedroom seamlessly opens up to a sparkling blue pool. Also, the hues used for this site are mutually inclusive of the beach surroundings. It includes sand tines, white beige, and also mud red.

The combination of tropical plants, the ocean breeze, and the open beach provides for the truest sensation of tranquility. See the video below for a glimpse into this tropical lifestyle.

A stunning new age for South Asian architecture

This new age of South Asian architecture is only in its infancy. Younger architects are now entering the scene with vivacious visions, inspiring ideas, and bolder builds.

The future of South Asian architecture is in artistic hands.