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Sound off: Who’s the better player right now, LeBron or KD?

After NBA fans waited all year for last year’s Finals rematch, the first two games have been mostly disappointing, at least in terms of actual competition.

The Warriors look like they’re just on a completely different level than the Cavs, despite LeBron’s heroics.

It seems kind of obvious that this would happen when you look at what happened last year, with the Cavaliers miraculously coming back from 3-1 down to beat the Warriors.

Then the 73-win team, with the first unanimous MVP in league history, added… Kevin Durant.

It’s been a wrap for the league ever since. If LeBron can somehow turn this series around and beat this ridiculous super team, he might go down as the GOAT.

But the first two games have shown the contrast between the two teams. LeBron is simply not getting the help he needs from Kyrie, K Love, and whoever else is supposedly good on this Cavaliers team.

But KD has shown the fuck up. Dude put up 38-9-8 in the first game and 33-13-6 with 5 blocks and 3 steals in game 2.

Meanwhile LeBron is averaging a triple double in the finals and 32 ppg in the playoffs, dude is ridiculous.

Despite their heroics, it’s safe to say, Durant and James divide opinion. People feel a certain type of way about KD and LeBron, whether it’s love and admiration or hate because of their respective moves in free agency.

But who is the better player right now?

I think it’s probably fair to say that KD is the better all-around scorer in the league. He can do shit that LeBron (or anyone else) can’t do on the offensive side of the court, but LeBron can control the game and play defense on a different level.

It’s a fascinating debate and there may not be a real answer, but tonight’s Game 3 might give us some added insight as to who is more locked in right now.