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‘Sorry To Bother You’ gives a brazy look at the Black man in white corporate America

Have you ever put on your “white person voice?”

It’s that high pitched, throat scratching, voice box vibrating, and nasally annoying tone you switch your voice to whenever you talk to a white person that’s not the homie.

There’s no shame in switching on your “weenie boy” voice. Trust that we’ve all done it at least once and if you haven’t yet, then you’re about to.

Talks about a new movie poking fun at a young black man who gets poppin’ because of his “white person voice” seem to have flooded social media and news headlines.

That movie is Sorry To Bother You

Lead actor, Lakeith Stanfield, plays broke boy Cassius Green, a newly hired telemarketer trying to navigate his way through a white corporate office in Oakland, CA.

Everything seems “Gucci Gang” until the plot changes up. When Green daps it up with Danny Glover’s character in the trailer who says,

“If you want to make money here, use your white voice, and I don’t mean ‘Will Smith white…’”

From that point on, Green realizes he has the best “white person voice” ever,  launches himself to success and is dubbed a “power caller.”

As a power caller, it is up to Green to decide if the high stakes are worth the risk of losing his shawty, selling out, and becoming the leading force behind selling an evil product.

Lowkey, you probably recognize Stanfield from Jordan Peele’s Get Out. He tweaked playing the role of Andre Hayworth. Oh boy, was he trapped in the “sunken place.” 

Warning Get Out GIF by reactionseditor - Find & Share on GIPHY

Amongst Stanfield are his co-stars Tessa Thompson, Terry Crews, Omari Hardwick, Armie Hammer, and many more.

What’s really going to make this film stand out? It brings to light the dangers of a black man acting like he’s white and not staying true to self.

Also, with the direction of Boots Riley, this movie has to be a hit. Although it’s his debut as a director, Riley is a seasoned rap veteran whose creativity has proved itself over and over again.

This film will for sure keep you on your toes, Riley promised in an interview with Deadline at this year’s SXSW conference. He doesn’t want people to guess what’s going to happen as to why his genre is a mixture of comedy, social commentary, and suspense.

In the interview, Riley added,

“It was out of wanting to have people engage with the film in a different way and to not be able to guess exactly what’s going to happen, just like in life, so to keep people on their toes… There are things that are done in this film that you’re not quote-unquote supposed to do.”

We should all be very excited for Sorry To Bother You. It premiers in theaters July 8, 2018.