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Snoop’s most legendary moments that prove you can do anything smacked

Snoop Dogg has been in the game since 1992 and if there’s one thing we learned about a true godfather of West Coast rap in the past 26 years, it’s that he can do anything… while smacked!

When it comes strictly to marijuana icons, Snoop is all the way up there with the Cheech, Chong, Marley, and Willie. In fact, he may even be the most productive considering how many things he’s able to get done while smoking OD all day.

From television to movies, touring and business ventures, in just about every space, coach Snoop has proven that getting lit doesn’t slow you down at all. In fact, it might be more of a PED for him.

While most people might hit the weed, get the munchies and do nothing, Snoop is making moves, signing deals, and raising a family. He’s into coaching his teams, collabing with the world’s biggest artists, and always taking his brand to the next level.

It’s no wonder why almost three decades after starting his rap career, he’s still in the game and getting to these bags. Snoop is able to adapt to the game, embrace the youth, and continue to strive to the top.

Just think about how many blunts he’s smoked over the years. It seems like he’s always sparking something whether he’s on stage or at HuffPo live. Real Gs smoke where they want to!

His successor Wiz Khalifa is up there when it comes to being a productive stoner but no one is doing it like uncle Snoop!

If you don’t believe me, peep the video above and just know that he’s able to get more done after ripping the loud than most people when on adderall. There’s no scientific proof for that but just peep the bank account and you tell me!