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Sneaker boss: UNINTERRUPTED announces PJ Tucker signs huge new deal with Nike

In an exclusive announcement on UNINTERRUPTED, PJ Tucker of the Houston Rockets signed a multiyear six-figure endorsement deal with Nike.

There was much speculation as to where Tucker, an avid sneakerhead, would sign. Though not exactly a superstar in the NBA, Tucker is one of the key components of a team that has been one of the best in the league for years. Without Tucker, the Rockets don’t tick. And without new shoes at his disposal, Tucker doesn’t tick.


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To The Shoe Game, I’m signing back with the swoosh. Leaders of the old school and the new. #SincerelyYours, @pjtucker

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In addition to being a big-time player for a big franchise (that gets a lot of national spotlight), Tucker is not shy in expressing his love for kicks.

Speaking about his lifelong passion for sneakers and desire to add to his collection, Tucker said, “Making it to the NBA sealed my fate. I was gonna get ’em all, and then some.”

Nike saw the vision; they saw what Tucker’s involvement with the company could do, and the two sides worked on an agreement that is sure to be mutually prosperous.

UNINTERRUPTED, the media company started by Maverick Carter and LeBron James, focuses on bringing stories to light that mean more than just sports. With Tucker releasing the news exclusively on UNINTERRUPTED, he is helping spread the message of the benefits and influence the company possesses.

Tucker is lauded as the “Sneaker King” of the NBA. That’s high praise for a league that specializes in marketing sneakers, and where every star player gets a shoe deal.

His kick game is hot, and he doesn’t only wear the most expensive brands. Tucker has loved shoes since he was a boy, and his passion has never wavered. Now, he has the opportunity to help build something he can call his own, and man is it exciting.

“I can’t wait to show you guys what we come up with.”


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