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Smokers Club Records’ new animated rap video reminds us to create with the homies

Green R. Fieldz recently released his CinematicTV rap video for the song “Blockstar” featuring Zombie Juice and it’s a trippy animated experience.

The two journey onto a strange world and save it from the planet’s tyrannical overlord with the power of Zkittlez.

Of course, the video would not be possible without the Smoker’s Club creative team collaborating together.

We sat down with the stars of the animated rap video, Fieldz, and Zombie Juice, as well as Matt Van Sol, General Manager of The Smoker’s Club and animation artist Andrew William Ralph to go inside their creative process.

Are animated rap videos the new wave?

One of the things that makes the “Blockstar” animated video unique is it’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” approach to visual storytelling.

The animated rap video is coupled with the artist’s performance creating a lived-in Saturday morning cartoon feel that a simple on-the-block video could never achieve. 

When speaking about the decision behind going the animation route, Fieldz said:

“Well, I was talking to Matt and I’ve, honestly, always wanted to do an animated video. And, to be honest, I feel I’m kind of awkward in videos anyway. So, it was kind of fun to just do something fun.”

It’s all about good music, community, and creative

Everyone knows how the pandemic has changed our daily lives, but how have artists maneuvered around this new space?

For Zombie Juice, not much has changed. In fact, the pandemic has brought him closer to the people that matter to him the most.

“Well, for me, a COVID hasn’t changed too much, because I don’t really access myself to people that are worth my time, energy….”

“If we’re in a studio session, I’m trusting that I’m with good people and good friends.”

– Zombie Juice

“I don’t really see that the COVID thing stopping too much.”

For the “Blockstar” animated rap video, the crew was minimal with Fieldz, Juice, and music director extraordinaire, Rook, shooting in LA. Animator, Andrew Ralph would have loved to be there himself but safety in this age of creativity is the key.

“I would have loved to have been there for the filming because, like, maybe we would have thought of some more ideas, you know, different shots and stuff. But like, it’s kind of this the distance there.”

“We made it happen, you know… It was pretty cool that they were still able to get together and shoot a video.”

– Andrew Ralph, Animator

There’s more to weed and the creative process

Smokers Club Records isn’t just about weed as some might think. The brand is based on the community people share around weed. The laughter, joy, and companionship around a shared hobby and how it bleeds into the creativity of our culture.

Founded by Johnny Shipes, Smoke DZA, and Shiest Bubz The Smoker’s Club brand has come a long way. Matt Van Sol spoke on Shipes involvement:

“We just smoke a lot. And we really know music and we know festivals and culture. We’re really about giving back to the culture… “

– Matt Van Sol, The Smoker’s Club GM

“That’s just Johnny’s MO, and his energy asks, ‘What can I do for the community and big it up? Because it’s done so much for me.'”

For artists like Zombie Juice, Weed stimulates the mind and brings the best out of them creatively.

“I like to smoke while I’m writing my music. It just helps me stay in my memory state my thoughts and just bring up good emotions. This is literally medicine,” said Juice.

“I can make music without weed but weed just helps you snap into that zone, step into your body, and step into your brain a little bit more. That’s what it does for me. It helps me stay in that thought.”

– Zombie Juice

Weed is essential to the brand but also the basis for creative collaboration. The “Blockstar” animated rap video is a shining example of this and the passion artists have for working together to create their best work.

Check out more of what CinematicTV is doing with The Smoker’s Club by flipping through the playlist below