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Shqipe we made it: 5 Albanian rappers that you should be bumping

Albanian rappers

Albania is on fire. Why? The country’s rap game is type crazy. Compared to American hip-hop it’s pretty damn similar.

Not surprising as hip-hop is currently the world’s leading genre.

As time continues to unravel, hip-hop is proving itself to be an infectious force reaching all corners of the globe.

Kulture Hub is finna put you on to five Albanian rappers you should be listening to. Check it out below.

Capital T

The above is Capital T’s award-winning music video, “Hit Man”.

Capital T is basically Albanian Belly. Capital T got the bars to rip your ears to shreds. His latest album, Winter is Here, knocks.

He spits with vengeance, rapping in English and his native Prishtina-influenced Gheg Albanian dialect.

Raised in Kosovo, T was influenced to take up rapping during his teenage years. His rapper uncle 2po2 introduced him to the industry.



One of the most hype songs I’ve heard out of this Albanian rap spring. Off of Mozzik’s latest release, The Best Of Mozzik takes you on one hell of a ride in this video.

Peep as Mozzik eats bolognese in an old-school Mercedes, chills with the little homies from the Albanian hood, and pulls up to a mansion to spit bars with his pet bear.

Check out the translation here.


Straight out of Sukth, Durres, Noizy is one of the most real emcees out of Albania. He’s been in the rap game for some time now – since 2004.

Noizy is an undefeated streetfighter who turned into Albania’s most popular rap star. Homie has the hands.

His latest project, Zin Cityknocks so damn hard and is his seventh studio album. Noizy is straight up gangsta!


Originally from Kosovo, G4SHI is an Albanian rapper based in Brooklyn, NY. So how did get into the rap game? G4SHI turned to rap music to help ease his adjustment into American society.

Homie was a grade A scholar and athlete, he earned a D1-AA football scholarship to a school in Massachusetts.

But that wasn’t enough, he dropped out and decided to pursue his music career full time. He has put out three mixtapes, one EP, and one studio album.

This guy is a force to be reckoned with. Peep his music here.

Ledri Vula

Could it be… an Albanian A$AP Rocky? Maybe not, but Ledri Vula’s definitely reminds of Pretty Flacko’s swag.

Born in Kosovo, Vula came into the rap game with the lyrical group Skillz, which was later disbanded due to disputes.

Still, that didn’t stop Vula from rising to the top of the Albanian rap game.

Want more? Peep the rest of his music here.

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