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Shoutout Doja Cat, incredibly talented artist & THICC body positivity queen

doja cat with new tattoo

Doja Cat’s rise to fame came about due to her hilarious “Mooo!” YouTube video which featured equal parts comedy, parody and sexy dancing in a cow outfit.

In a world where fake thicc bodies reign supreme Doja Cat has proven to be a loud body positivity voice.

In a Vlad TV interview, Doja Cat expresses how commentary on her body especially her boobs has been consistent.

She states that people will often claim that her boobs are fake especially in the “Mooo!” video. At the same time, they’ll also call her flat-chested in other photos.

But what really tops these remarks is calling her breasts “saggy” in a photo she posted to Instagram. Doja Cat responds to these comments saying they hurt but she wouldn’t have posted that photo if she cared what people thought.

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Doja Cat has a long list of instances of her promoting a body positive and sex-positive message. With singles that center around female pleasure and being eaten out like “Go To Town” which was first released in March 2018.

While highlighting the importance of vaginal health but also the reality of healthy vulvas, Doja Cat is not shy about communicating what she and many women want.

“And it’s clean but, messy like a pizza. Spend time on the donkey, even though I yeehaw.”

If “Go To Town” wasn’t enough of a body positive song for you, her “Tia Tamera” feat. Rico Nasty single released Feb. 20, is a song about her love of boobies.

Doja Cat says in a Genius Official Lyrics & Meaning Video that “The song Tia Tamera was based all around boobs. When you think about titties, like you think about twins because that’s like a word for titties.”

“I am the big idea. My twins big like Tia. My twins big like Tia, Tamera (Uh, wait). Tia, Tamera (Uh, wait). Tia, Tamera (Uh, wait). Tia, Tamera”

The song also features more body positivity with lyrics like,

“Thick in the thigh. Thick in the waist. Thick in the right motherfucking places”

But perhaps her largest body positive anthem is “Juicy” released on March 1 on the Deluxe Version of her debut album Amala. With lyrics like,

“I keep it juicy juicy, I eat that lunch (Yeah). She keep that booty booty, she keep that plump (Yeah yeah). That natural beauty beauty, yeah, yeah. If you could see it from the front, wait ’til you see it from the back, back, back, back, back.”

The song highlights “real” thick bodies rather than plastic or enhanced thick bodies. Citing “I don’t buy it, where the cellulite?”

And not being afraid to incorporate the word “fat” singing “I’m fit and fat, he live for that.” What tops it all off is Doja Cat’s rendition of the song on COLORS. Doja is in her usual revealing attire that shows off her curvaceous and thicc body without trying to conceal any of Hollywoods usual “impurities.”

A refreshing thicc body anthem, the song has the exact message of body positivity that media needs. Doja Cat is the real thicc body queen inspiring us to love our rolls and saggy boobs.