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Should we trust Jaden Smith with H2O? Let’s see what’s really good with ‘JUST Water’

Water is a miraculous element. It has no shape, it’s the purest substance on earth although it runs freely on the ground, and sustains life. Without it, there would be no us.

Thus, we need to show water the respect it deserves. What doesn’t it deserve? To be encased in plastic bottles that are irresponsibly disposed of and destroy the environment from which the godly substance is derived.

Highkey, the way we bottle water needs to change before the effects jeopardize our very existence. On average, Americans use around 50 billion plastic water bottles a year.

However, the U.S.’s recycling rate for plastic is only 23 percent, which means 38 billion water bottles – more than $1 billion worth of plastic – are wasted each year, according to Ban the Bottle.

Noted. So, who can we look to solve this problem? Not Elon Musk, who is wild busy launching Teslas to Mars, but his idolizer, Jaden Smith.

The son of the Fresh Prince wants to revolutionize the H2O industry through a company he helped co-found at 16 with environmental activist Drew Fitzgerald called JUST Water.

A post shared by JUST water (@just) on Take a good look at that bottle.

It’s made from 82 percent renewable resources. The cap and shoulder are made of Brazilian Sugarcane and the bottle itself is made from trees. Not the kind you smoke, but the kind of trees that are managed by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

The FSC’s goal is to ensure that wood-based product such as JUST Water’s bottles, which are made up of 52 percent paperboard, come from responsible, healthy forests, and strong communities. Check out the FSC’s certification system.


That’s good and all but who is JUST’s water plug? The Bronx River, just kidding. JUST actually gets its water from a 100 percent sustainable source in Glens Falls, NY.

The Glens Falls watershed produces around three billion gallons of water every year and JUST bottles whatever is left over. To prove that we can trust JUST’s mission to revolutionize the way we consume water and dispose of H2O the company pays six times the water rate.

Simply put, JUST is not just in this for the funds like some scheming negotiator, the company is pricing water at a respectable rate. By placing this greater value on water, JUST has provided a new source of income for a small town, which is expected to reach $1 million over the next three to five years.

If Jaden and JUST Water are able to maneuver their way through the $16 billion water industry and kill plastic bottle manufacturing the results could be glorious. By using renewable materials, the JUST Water bottle could reduce carbon emissions by 74 percent compared to a standard plastic bottle.

Jaden is giving off some Musky vibes and in fact, he and JUST Water are hoping to bring a new element to the water industry. In a recent interview with Business Insider, he referenced Elon. He said,

“Elon went from PayPal immediately into Tesla. He revolutionized the car industry in a way that no one before him could do… That’s kind of what I want to do. I want to step into this water-bottle industry and revolutionize it in a way because I’m thinking in a way that no one else is thinking.”

Taking JUST to the next realm, Jaden hopes to also be the center of the recycling industry. Rumor has it that the 19-year-old is working on a documentary about recycling and is focused on bringing JUST’s concepts to the classroom.

Let’s get it! Currently, you can support the movement and cop  JUST Water, here. The water comes by the 24 at a light $40. Do the math, that’s less than two beans a bottle.

There are also three organic flavor options available – lemon, tangerine, and apple cinnamon. Those go for $44.00 but are making their official debut on Amazon and at Whole Foods this March for two cash each.

Make the switch from plastic to paper bottles today, my little sustainable homie. Don’t let plastic fool you.

Now peep this hypnotizing gif of Will Smith magically changing the flavors of JUST Water bottles. You will cop this, you will help the environment, you will fuck with sustainable and renewable resources.