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Should Lakeith Stanfield throw in all his chips and sign to Odd Future?

Blactor, Lakeith Stanfield is best known for staying true to self and for that you can’t help but respect his drip. His journey to becoming an A-list Hollywood star wasn’t easy but since his arrival, I couldn’t help but notice that he would do great as an OFWGKTA  artist.

Facts or nah? To prove it, in a recent interview with Joe La Puma for Complex Magazine’s Sneaker Shopping series, Stanfield revealed how much he respects the low-key leader of the free world Tyler the Creator.

Stanfield shared his appreciation for the “BRONCO” rapper whilst looking at his green Converse Golf le Fleur shoe. He told Puma how he’s been an Odd Future fan from day one and shared an anecdote about Earl Sweatshirt pulling up to his car in the middle of traffic.

So, why would Stanfield be a good addition to the OFWGKTA squad? Check out these three reasons why below.

1. Stanfield could possibly out troll Tyler

Known for his perfectly weird personality and acting skills, the Sorry to Bother You blactor could definitely take on Tyler in the trolling arena. He even realizes it. During the Complex interview, he told Puma how if he and Tyler got together, “they would probably fight… Without hitting each other.”

Makes sense as Tyler is the OD troll. The two would troll one another until their heads exploded. Plus, as far as trolls go, there’s nothing better than trying to troll another troll while trolling.

Not to mention, all the other goblins that are in Odd Future like Taco, Jasper Dolphin, and Earl Sweatshirt. They for sure would accept Stanfield with open arms.

2. Odd Future already fucks with Stanfield heavy

During Stanfield’s interview with Puma, he told an anecdote about how  Earl Sweatshirt almost got hit by a car in an attempt to dap it up with the blactor. The story proves that if the Odd Future CEO is willing to almost die for a dap then they must be willing to at least consider signing Stanfield to the label.

Stanfield told Puma,

“My car came to a red light and Earl saw me, ran to my car, and somebody almost hit him… Somebody almost hit him when he ran in the street and he was like ‘fuck you.’ Then he came over to the car and showed some love. That was dope because I was fucking with them from when they first came out. Shouts out.”

Gang shit only.

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3. Stanfield has fire bars

Lowkey, behind Stanfield’s acting talents, lies his rap skills as if he couldn’t get any doper. The Atlanta actor first showed the world his lyrical skills in Short Term 12  where he played a character named Marcus who was working on the rap for his group home supervisor.

The rap song which was co-written by Stanfield, actually, went on to get a nomination for Best Original Song at the 2014 Satellite Awards. From the movie, Short Term 12 Stanfield then dapped it up with LA-based producer HH aka Hrishikesh Hirway to create a rap duo called MOORS.

The musical relationship proved itself progressive and in 2014 the dropped their self-titled EP. Incredible stuff. Now you see why Stanfield has to sign to Odd Future. Truly this is his destiny, no?