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Sharing success: Why getting the bag and keeping it is not enough

We talk about getting that bag every day. But when we do get it, what do we do with it? Who do we share it with?

Demetrius Harmon recently gave $10k that he earned from his campaign with Wendy’s, all to his mom. Harmon is an internet personality and actor known for his comedic videos originally on YouTube and Vine and more recently on Twitter. He is also a mental health advocate and the creator of the popular “You Matter” line of hoodies and soon to come t-shirts.

The gesture viewable in a recent Instagram post, shows Harmon thanking his mom for her sacrifice and hard work, having had multiple jobs in order to raise her kids. One of those jobs was in fact at Wendy’s.

Harmon told her the $10k was for her to spend or save or invest.

Why does this matter?

The reason why this gesture is so important is that we live in a world where the come up/ glo-up / grind is so effectively personal and individualized. Sometimes we tend to forget the rest of the people who made it possible because the way we got that bag was seemed so reliant on our own hard work.

Many of us have people around us who sacrificed so much to get us to where we are; mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, grandparents even significant others.  How do we thank them when we finally make it?


First, acknowledge who has done what for you. Realize that every small thing has led up to the moment or moments of your success.

Start with small tokens of appreciation. Your friends’ encouragement and support, or your partners’ emotional and literal aid. Thank those that were there to help you prep for that interview, that gave you the space to work on that art, that listened to what you had to say even if they had no tangible power to advance you.

Then, of course, there are the ones who laid down the more tangible bases for your success. Those who worked two to three jobs supporting you as a child and young adult. Those who protected and nurtured you as you grew into who you are so that you could be where you are.

Acknowledge their sacrifices and the gifts of time and love that they gave so freely to you.

Repaying at the same level or greater

It’s important to not only acknowledge the role of the people in your life relative to your success but also to try to repay them. You don’t always need to repay them with money,  for some people, time and effort is enough.

What you really need to do is make it known to them through actions that you appreciate all they’ve done for you.

But don’t get it twisted, money is still a viable and good option to show your appreciation.

Some may claim that money does not matter, but it sure as hell matters to those who don’t have much of it. So, share your wealth. Take care of those who took care of you.

It’s by giving that anyone receives, and the universe rewards those who freely share their fortune.

Be there for others who need it

When you give back it doesn’t just have to be to those who gave you something in the first place. You can be someone’s cornerstone. You can be their plug, their emotional support, their mentor.

Give your time and energy when you can to those who need it. People can be successful despite negativity and hardship and rejection, but they can’t be successful without the positive input of others.

Remember what others did for you and become that person for someone else.