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Sensational! 5 minutes of Future being a straight SAVAGE

Everyone has their savage moments,  but there’s only one rapper who sensationalizes every second he has the opportunity to go SAVAGE MODE and that’s Future. From banning “fatties” from entering the club to dipping the scene after his bodyguard got knocked out, the Atlanta rapper has easily become the king of savage moments.

What more could we ask for? Future time and time again continues to surprise not only his fans but also the rap world as a whole with his attitude towards life and the crazy things that happen in between.

But where did this all begin and was there ever a humble moment for Future before he got to this point? Of course. Born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, Future grew up in the crime-ridden Kirkwood neighborhood. In fact, Kirkwood is one of the most dangerous parts of Atlanta.

In an interview with MTV, Future said, “When I was around 14 or 15, I got into the streets heavy and I got shot in my right hand. When I got shot, I stopped playing basketball and went harder hustling.”

Addicted to the hustle, the rapper’s love for music and entrepreneurship would push him towards success. He’s, for sure, lived and learned, and every moment that has passed by savage, tragic, or sensational, Future has no regrets.

The Atlanta rapper had a reality that was different from most. The savage demeanor he’s developed, most would say, is a result of the environment that nurtured him.

Anyway, we can’t help but love the energy and we hope that Future continues to push the envelope further with his music and the lifestyle he leads. Because he is more than just a rapper from Kirkwood.

He serves as a beacon of light for black youth trapped in the dark corners of hoods all around the world. And for the ones not struggling, his mindset serves as an escape and an excuse to go straight SAVAGE MODE!