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Senator Kelly Loeffler’s dumb ass is launching an anti-BLM movement

Black lives don’t matter to a lot of racist whites, and certainly not to Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA).

This week, Popular reported that Loeffler said she adamantly opposes the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Dreams deferred

The Georgia senator is co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, a team on the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and also, whose members are majority Black.

On July 7th, Kelly Loeffler wrote a letter to the WNBA commissioner, Cathy Engelbert, expressing her objection to the WNBA’s plan to “affirm Black Lives Matter and honor victims of police brutality and racial violence.”

Loeffler received a lot of backlash by team members and the public for this decision. Other large corporations such as AT&T and Google will face criticism as well, especially since they publicly supported BLM. Clearly, not enough.

Corporate bullshit

In June, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson called on chief executives to make a statement following the racially motivated killing of George Floyd. In the same month, Google Assistant added an explanation of the BLM movement when users ask, “Do Black lives matter?”. The company also updated responses to “Do all lives matter?”

While this is a way to educate and bring awareness, it still doesn’t coincide with uplifting Black voices.

AT&T will dedicate an event to the Black Lives Matter movement next weekend at the WNBA’s Tip-Off 2020. However, according to FEC filings, AT&T donated $2,500 to Loeffler’s campaign on March 3rd. AT&T did not respond to Popular’s request for additional information on the support for Loeffler’s campaign.

Google’s corporate PAC also donated $5,500 to Loeffler on December 30, 2019, despite their homepage support of BLM.

Best Buy also had questionable intentions when vowing to do better to address racial injustice. Its CEO, Corie Barry, wrote in a letter that the corporation apologizes for not doing enough to address racism.

It was discovered that they too contributed $1,000 to Loeffler’s campaign on March 10.


One of Senator Loeffler’s outrageous claims is that the BLM movement is anti-Semitic. In addition, Loeffler believes the movement “called for the removal of Jesus from churches and the disruption of nuclear family structure…” in a letter.

Atlanta Dream players want Loeffler to resign from her opposition as part owner. The senator says politics should be kept out of sports, but that’s virtually impossible when the Black bodies on the team are at risk every day.