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Sedition is the platform that lets you take over the digital art world

There is an app available for young art collectors that allows them to buy, sell, and rent their favorite digital pieces, called Sedition.

The marketplace for digital limited editions does allow youngins, who normally wouldn’t be able to afford an original piece by artists like Damien Hirst and Yoko Ono, a chance to start investing in timeless electronic masterpieces.

For sure, this is the future of art…

Sedition was launched in 2011 by British art connoisseurs Harry Blain, Rory Blain, and Robert Norton. Since then, the digital platform has done its job of allowing contemporary art to reach a wider audience outside of galleries.

In an interview with On Screen Today, Rory Blain explained the driving force behind Sedition’s creation. He said,

“I think ultimately it really is about bringing the best contemporary art to the widest audience possible. Internet and digital media have made it all that much easier than it ever has been in history before. We love digital media, but that’s not the driving force—the driving force really is a love for contemporary art. The digital just happened to be the medium on which we are working.”

The digital art on Sedition is very affordable and you can start investing in your own collection as soon as you download the app from your iPhone, AndroidApple TV, Google Chromcast, or web browser.

You’ll never run out of art to view as the “Art Stream” option on the platform contains an evolving online gallery of 2,371 digital artworks by 619 artists. Buy whatever catches your eye and whenever the collection from any artists is completely sold out feel free to flip it on the “Trade” market.

Trust that all pieces of art purchased on Sedition are genuine. In fact, each limited edition has a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and a secure record to verify the artwork is authentic, according to the site.

Also, upon purchase of a piece of art, each artwork is registered to a collector’s account through a central records database which is only accessible through image identification technology.

As the world adapts to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Sedition will adapt to the innovative way of payment in the near future. In regards to expanding the platform to a more open market, Blain explained the extensive research he and the Sedition team have been conducting in order to do so. He said in his interview with On Screen Today,

“We have been doing some research, and the best way to do this at the moment looks to be to make use of the blockchain technology, the technology Bitcoin uses. The idea behind it is that any transaction history over the artwork would be carried within the code of the object itself. So it’s perfect for this kind of artwork. If you want to sell it you can even do it peer to peer in auctions, as long as you are able to change the blockchain technology and inscribe new ownership to it. We are definitely researching it…”

So, go ahead and cop that Damien Hirst piece that you’ve always coveted, invest in an upcoming artist that may create a high priced work, or just, lowkey, grow an art collection and never tell your friends about it.

It doesn’t matter, because either way we see a bag coming to you in the near future!