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Secure the bag: How Rich Paul got his NBA clients money up front

With his business acumen, innovative methods and novel, yet measured approach to work, Rich Paul continues to show why he is one of the greatest agents in sports.

Everyone is feeling the economic effects of the devastating spread of COVID-19. NBA players, while not our first subject of sympathy as millionaires are going to feel the hit of this economic fallout like everyone else.

Marc Stein reported yesterday that NBA players have not been assured further payments beyond their paychecks today. TV deals, collective bargaining agreements, everything is up in the air right now, especially since neither we nor the NBA knows how this NBA season is going to conclude.

However, there are nine players in the association making out better than the rest. These players secured “all-you-can-get” deals, which payout “90-plus percent of their 2019-2020 salaries by April 1.” Have an idea of who their agent is?

Rich Paul has consistently shown his brilliance and foresightedness as an agent. It is the measures he takes beyond what a normal agent would, the steps he takes to ensure the best circumstance for his player, that truly set him apart from the pack.

Paul’s diligence and novelty have scared some of the powers that be in sports. And with Paul’s recent branching out into the NFL with Klutch Sports’ acquisition of Damarius Bilbo’s Revolution Sports, those fears are not going to be calmed anytime soon.

Rich Paul is a titan in sports agency, a model in how doing things your own way yields the most prosperous results.

The first contract Rich Paul inked was LeBron James’ return to Cleveland in 2014. As with most James signings, it was the biggest sports deal signed that year.

Paul used to live in Cleveland, in a one-bedroom apartment with his father. In that east-Cleveland neighborhood, most people didn’t have much, and each day was a struggle and a grind.

Paul’s father often gave more to the community than he got, and he made sure his son was fed, clothed, and taught the right life lessons to be a good person and successful.

“He was the father of the neighborhood and the voice of reason for everyone,” said Paul to the New York Times. “Everything I needed to know to run my business and to be a good human being, I got right here from my father.”

Paul and James first met in the Canton-Akron airport on their way to board a flight to Atlanta. James was struck by Paul’s Warren Moon throwback jersey and sparked up a conversation. It turned out that Paul was selling jerseys out of the trunk of his car and going to Atlanta to buy more.

He gave James his connect, and when James touched down in the Big Peach he gave Paul a call, thanking him. They hit it off; their interests, their ideas, their motivations resonated with one another.

Rich Paul was just different in his drive and disposition. His unique qualities and novelty have made him a monolith in sports agency and business. The players he represents current advantageous situation compared to their peers is the latest example of his brilliance.

“If you ain’t putting the people around you on and giving them the strength, confidence, courage, beliefs, and love to be GREAT then what you here for!!” James wrote in a heartfelt Instagram letter to his longtime friend, agent, and confidant. Paul is unlike any other agent in the business.