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Sean Spicer resigns as press secretary and honestly, we’re kind of sad

Sean Spicer, everyone’s favorite lying mouthpiece, stepped down as White House press secretary today and we’ve got mixed emotions.

On one hand, it seems cool that Sean Spicer will no longer be able to talk about inauguration sizes, hiding in the bushes, or say that the president “has been clear.”

On the other hand, we’re gonna miss all of that. What’s gonna happen to those oversized suits? Will there be, like a real press secretary that is good at his/her job now?

Sean Spicer’s term as press secretary has been haunted by ridiculous moments like calling concentration camps “Holocaust Centers” while trying to explain that Bashar al-Assad was very bad, telling April Ryan to stop shaking her head, and talking about the large variety of walls that exist in the world.

Apparently Spicer has stepped down as Trump named Anthony Scaramucci, a prominent Republican donor, as new communications director.

Sean Spicer reportedly didn’t like the hire and said that if Trump went through with the appointment of Scaramucci, that Spicer would leave.

Politico reports,

“When Spicer found out about Trump’s interest in bringing Scaramucci on board on Thursday night, he vented to confidants that he did not think Scaramucci could handle a major media campaign and didn’t deserve the job, one of the confidants said.”

Spicer’s distress was not limited to Scaramucci’s abilities, he was ¬†also worried about his own position within the White House.

Again from Politico,

“He also expressed concern about whether Scaramucci would technically be in a senior position to him, since in the Obama administration the communications director was senior to the press secretary, according to two people familiar with the conversations.”

Poor Spicey.

Honestly, we’ll miss Sean Spicer’s bizarre self ranting and raving about the media’s treatment of Trump.

We’ll also miss Melissa McCarthy’s amazing Spicer imitation.