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ScHoolboy Q listens to Lil Pump. Does that mean you should too?

Yesterday TDE affiliate and Cali’s own ScHoolboy Q took to Instagram to defend listening to Lil Pump.

“Ahh Q why you listen to Lil Pump?” he asked mimicking his haters. “Cause bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ boring like you. I don’t listen to one style of music. N—as always in my comments when I play Lil Pump. N—-a, I fuck with it.”

@groovyq fucking with @lilpump. Are you?

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The Blank Face rapper went on to say that just because he gives other music a chance doesn’t mean he’s lost his roots.

“Look, my favorite rapper Nas, but if you think I just wanna listen to that style of music all day every day, you’re a fuckin’ idiot,” he said. “That’s probably why you’re in the same spot you’ve been stuck at, ’cause your mind ain’t open to new shit and different shit. Stop judging people.”

Q was probably listening to Lil Pump’s self-titled debut project. That’s right, up until Oct 5, Pump had only been putting out singles, racking up insane numbers on SoundCloud, which got him this spotlight.

“D Rose” has a cool 7.86 million plays.“Lil Pump” 6.35 million, and “Boss” has garnered 2.11 million plays in less than a week.

But if anyone knows Lil Pump, they know that he’s clearly the voice of the newest generation and has the antics to go along with it.

The 16-year-old from South Florida’s lifestyle has raised eyebrows and caused criticism for his perceived negative influence.

Like promoting Xans.

Between his chopped cadence which flows like Lil Uzi, his rainbow-colored locs, and his subject matter, Lil Pump is everything hip-hop purists hate balled into one.

It’s why a lyrical artist such as ScHoolBoy was chastised for bumping Pump’s music.

Personally, I was not interested but maybe Q has a point. I mean, we aren’t obligated to like and make Pump a constant in our music library, but in the name of hip-hop doesn’t it deserve a chance?

We can go down the moral rabbit hole all day and we’d get nothing but a game of pointing fingers and one-upping transgressions.

Why not give it a spin?

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When I did, I found that all my suspicions were spot on. Lil Pump is trash. “Gucci Gang” had promise, but that’s about it.

And that’s just my humble opinion. I mean, he had the creme de la cream featuring on his debut mixtape. What is my validation when Lil Uzi Vert, Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, and 2 Chainz gave theirs?

You don’t have to like Lil Pumps’s music; trust me, I think his audience is specific. But that doesn’t mean he should be immediately dismissed either. New sounds are just evolutions of old sounds that will eventually take life into completely other ones. Each deserves their chance to phase out.

For every kid ragging on ScHoolboy for listening to Pump, there’s another cracking a joke about my Soulja Boy fandom. To each their own.

Lil Pump is getting a pass from me, but aye, you may love it. You never know.