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Sav Says: Why eSports is the next major sport to get involved in NOW

With one of the fastest-growing fan bases in pro sports today, eSports has a youthful global audience that’s already larger than Major League Baseball’s and have top players who are quickly joining the ranks of millionaires.

It’s safe to say, that gaming has entered the mainstream. In just a few years eSports has gone from laughing stock to the new celebrity investment craze.

In just 2018 alone, we’ve had Drake and Scooter Braun become eSports co-owners, Chris Bosh become an executive for an eSports Player Development program, and Steph Curry being a first-round investor for TSM.

Now, this is just 2018… In 2016 is where we started to some serious buy-in from “fellow” sports organizations and individuals such as the 76ers, Sacramento Kings, Rick Fox, Alex Rodriguez, Shaq, and Magic Johnson.

Then in 2017, we see some investments from the Miami Heat and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks to just name a few. So what do these teams and moguls see in eSports? How did eSports even get to this point? Check out the Sav Says video above to find out more.