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Rowdy Rebel is free: So what should you know going into 2021?

Six years ago Rowdy Rebel went to jail and six years later we couldn’t be more hype for his release, just wait until Bobby Shmurda gets out.

2021 is feeling to hit different as we get over all the loss and hardships we’ve endured in 2020 — we’ve lost a lot of young legends this year.

More than a dozen rappers passed away: Pop Smoke, King Von, Fred the Godson the list goes on… Not to mention rappers still facing jail time in 2021 like Cassanova and Lil Wayne, SMH. It’s just too much.

Still, Rowdy Rebel’s release gives us hope for a whole new wave of energy (Free Bobby Shmurda). With that said, here’s what we’ll be reminded of once Rowdy Rebel starts dropping music again.

Knowing everything about keeping your “shmoney” right

If there’s one thing Rowdy Rebel knew what to do it was making money. Whether it be in the skreets hustling or making moves with music executives, he always made sure that he and GS9 ate.

In Rowdy Rebel’s last interview before getting arrested, he dishes a little wisdom to Forbez DVD inreviewer Doggie Diamonds:

” Be cool with your business manager… Make sure you know his every step… Know every dollar that comes before him and every time he spends a dollar.”

– Rowdy Rebel

Six years before his release Rowdy Rebel chopped it up with Sway where he discussed how life has changed since his crew member Bobby Shmurda blew up off his single “Hot Ni**a.”

Here the Brooklyn rapper reminds us about his wisdom in dealing with stacking that paper.

“Stacking that paper was nothing to me. And plus it’s not how you get the money, it’s how you’re going to save that jawn. It’s easy to get the bread but it’s hard to save it.”

– Rowdy Rebel

Kepping your circle tight like Rowdy Rebel’s GS9 crew

F*ck with us and then we tweaking hoe….

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the GS9 crew it’s that they have each other’s backs. Bobby took more time for Rowdy in order for him to get back out there.

There’s no dry snitching for real OGs. Maybe 6IX9INE can learn a thing or two from the tight-knit circle the Brooklyn crew has curated.

In an interview for Thisis50 Rebel sat down with RoseD where she asked about the rapper’s early beginnings and how his circle has changed since his crew blew up.

“A lot of people around me still but I had to manage that out. Life is not a movie you can’t just cancel someone out… You just go your way and Imma go my way”

– Rowdy Rebel

Stay true to self and spread love… Just keep it a stack

Listen it goes without saying that if you lie about where you come from in pursuit of clout things will always end badly.

Whether it be an internet cancellation or getting your chain jacked, no one can put respect on anyone’s name that represents falsehood. And if it’s one thing we know it’s that Rowdy Rebel has always been through and true.

In an interview with old head Ebro, Rowdy said:

“There’s a lot of phonies, a lot of fakes. You’re supposed to spread love… Everybody can win. Everybody can do something good in their life. Don’t hate on anyone bro.”

Happy you’re (kinda) free, home, and that you’re making music again, Rowdy Rebel Free Bobby Shmurda!