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Roman Reigns says he’s ready to fight The Rock… but only at Wrestlemania

Roman Reigns is the most hated man in wrestling today.

Not because he’s lacking as a performer, but because the fans don’t want to see this “picture perfect” wrestler be the guy at the very top.

Wrestling is after all about the underdogs and rebels and his story is just too storybook for them to get behind. Reigns is a former NCAA All-American at Georgia Tech who’s related to The Rock and could easily steal yo’ girl.

Add that with the fact that Vince McMahon has been trying to aggressively put him over on the fans for the past five years and you can see why all these fanboys get butt hurt when he keeps winning shit.

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Still, nothing can stop his ascension to the top and after retiring The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 and most recently John Cena at No Mercy the question is, who’s next?

The answer is simple. It’s his cousin, The Rock.

In a recent interview with The Mirror, Roman spoke about his return to The Shield, his recent success despite all the haters, and a potential Wrestlemania moment that would shake the universe to its core.

“I can only see me and Rock going at WrestleMania. Not only because of his schedule, but just the level of that match and the level of superstar that he is and you know, where I’m trying to get. But we also have a deep family tie. We represent the same family tree and having the opportunity to represent our culture, there would obviously have to be a sit down and we would have to express how we feel and the light we want to do this in… because there’s a lot of people we represent watching. The last thing I want to do is make it confusing or anything like that.”

Of course The Rock is the busiest man in Hollywood and has his fair share of haters as well, but if this were to actually happen, it would be the main event of the decade.

The Rock is clearly still a beast but his last Wrestlemania match a few years ago against John Cena didn’t go so well and ended with an insane injury.

Still, this dude is ready for anything and the chance to go up against his cousin on the biggest stage of them all and quiet all the haters is gonna be an opportunity that he would likely not pass up.