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Robot relationships will be a real thing soon, so get used to it

Every day we stray away from God’s light. Just kidding. But not really, though.

As of today, 25% of millennials believe that robot relationships will be the norm.

I’m a very nonjudgemental person with an extremely open mind. You can convince me of anything. Even this so I guess we better get used to it. Robo-relationships are gonna be the new thing. Just imagine what Maury will look like in the future.

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The data comes from Havas, a multinational French advertising company. One in five millennials believe that “virtual trumps reality.”

“Most of us live in two worlds now—our “real” lives on planet Earth and the virtual lives we have created online—and increasingly those worlds are colliding: More than a quarter of millennials report feeling depressed or unhappy about their own lives in comparison with the idealized lives they see online.”

No one can deny that one. Social media, as well as the entire internet, has become an escape from so many problems that affect us today. Rather than actually dealing with them, what better way to ignore them then by getting lost in your phone?

“Around 1 in 5 prefer who they are on social media to their actual selves. At what point will the allure of the worlds and personas we have carefully crafted online become more valuable—and even more real—to us than our flesh-and-blood existences?”

The survey asked people from 32 nations whether or not robot partners would be a reality in our future. The consensus seemed to be yes.

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The number one fear that participants had was “erosion of privacy.”

“Around two-thirds of the global sample believe we are headed toward a time when it will be impossible to keep our personal data secure.”

The report also states that “modern technology is weakening human bonds,” and who could deny it? When was the last time you had dinner without anyone pulling their phone out to take a picture, or take a break from real-life to scroll through their social media feed?

Damn, fam… I’m not judging, but all I’m saying is don’t let one of them catch you slippin’.

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