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Robbie Rivera and NXNY discuss how they get their creative juices flowing

From the Captain’s deck during a party cruise organized by New York-based Crust Nation, NO BS sat down with Robbie Rivera and DJ duo NXNY to get to know more about their workflow and creative processes and find out how it’s gotten them to where they are.

Robbie Rivera is the legendary founder of Juicy Music created in a partnership with Armada Music and owner of many number ones on Beatport as well as a great remix portfolio including work for U2, Lenny Kravitz, Deadmau5, Tiesto, Kaskade, New Order, Clean Bandit, Erasure, Basement Jaxx and David Guetta.

NXNY are signed to Juicy Music, and both are extremely talented acts that can amplify any party.

Duo members DJ No Doubt and Xavier Murillo talk about their transition from their graphic design backgrounds into music production, and how they weave the two together.

“We both listened to music in the office and then I asked him to make a mix. We started to put the mix together in No Doubt’s house, I picked up DJing little by little. We shared the mix with our nightlife clients who liked it and then offered us a first gig.”

Before going on stage, both the legend and NXNY share their juicy recipes for getting more gigs and developing large-scale success in the evolving electronic music scene, especially when there are so many DJs. Robbie Rivera says:

“When I started, I met this person from Atlantic Records who used to sign my records. He told me that when you leave the club and there’s a song stuck in your head, that’s the record you want to do. You want to produce the record that everyone is going to remember.”

Robbie also mentioned that if asked he would definitely be down to remix any hits from current hip-hop artists such as Cardi B. Check out the full NO BS interview above!