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Rob Kardashian could end up behind bars for wildin’ on social media

Rob Kardashian used to be that innocent little brother who had too many tattoos and probably smoked too many blunts in his mom’s basement. Then he started making socks. Then he got fat. Then he married Black Chyna. Then she cheated on him. Now, he might go to jail.

Kardashian aired all of the couple’s drama on Instagram yesterday, releasing multiple nude pictures of Chyna’s body and posting a video of her with another man in their bed.

After Instagram deleted the images, Kardashian moved his vengeful rant to Twitter and re-posted the pictures while throwing more hate at Chyna.

The couple, who have a child together, never seemed like a match made in heaven.

The relationship was extremely convoluted: Chyna dated and had a child with Tyga, who is Rob Kardashian’s half-sister Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend. Rumors swirled from the beginning that Chyna was using Kardashian to get back at Tyga. Sheesh, Calabasas is brazy.

But now, the longtime reality star might be headed for a stint behind bars. According to California’s revenge porn laws, it is illegal to post nude pictures of another person without their consent.

Chyna has yet to file charges against the big guy and maybe she sees sitting back laughing at all of this in the hopes of using it against him in divorce court as the ultimate clapback.

Another thing you can never count out with the Kardashian clan is that they are creating this drama to drum up more attention and turn it into another spin-off show on E!. Only time will tell.