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Rising artist Siena Liggins is paving her way amidst a female renaissance

Amidst an era where the representation of Black female musicians is as robust as it’s ever been, Detroit native Siena Liggins seeks to put her stamp on the movement. She is the rising artist of our time.

With the release of her single ‘Dirty Girl’ with Yung Baby Tate and recently ‘No Valet’, Liggins has created a unique lane for herself.

Dirty Girl Video

Unlike many rising artists, the diverse pop sound that she brings to the records provides a modern twist on the influences she grew up listening to.

In doing so, Liggins maintains her genre-bending artistry fostering a refreshing yet organic perspective on pop music.

In the visuals that accompany both singles, Siena displays her vibrant personality as a queer Black woman, which enhances the songs’ listening experience.

Having the chance to speak with Siena about her music and her experience as a rising artist thus far has shown me how intentional she is about her art.

No Valet

No Valet Video

In regards to the creation of ‘No Valet’, Siena Liggins harkens back to an inspirational stint of music listening pre-covid.

The collaborative experience of Liggins’ Atlanta studio sessions were the catalyst.

The rising artist details her inspiration from a spontaneous deep dive into Timbaland’s catalog with her producer Nidgel.

“We were both randomly on this ‘Cry Me a River’ Timbaland kick a week before… We were spazzing out over how in the pocket he was with the artists he worked with… Hopefully, when you hear the track you can see the influence”

The momentum gained from ‘No Valet’ would lead Siena to complete her upcoming album. Liggins brought up that her project would have a visual aspect to go along with the album.

Nostalgic inspiration

Reflecting back on her childhood watching BET’s 106 & Park, Liggins gained an immense reference catalog.

She further explains that the nostalgic TV classic played a large role in her influences for the videos. As a rising artist, she said, it’s important for her that her fans learn where she and her inspiration comes from.

Growing up Siena’s musical influences from her parents planted the seed of inspiration in her brain.

Naming artists like Brandy, Usher, Tupac, and more, Liggins’ influences are diverse.

As Siena Liggins gained experience within the music industry, she spoke about how her perspective on music changed.

A change of perspective from a rising artist

Considering the millions of music listeners in America alone, Liggins is committed herself making music she is proud of.

While musical awards such as The Grammys are important to her, she prioritizes the quality of her music.

“I think that when you don’t have the inside scoop on the industry a lot of things seem to appear as crafted out as they are marketed… When I started out the Grammys seemed like the utmost accolade you could get and I was shooting for that… I desired this idea of what I could be at my greatest but I didn’t realize how important it is for me to recognize myself as the greatest.”

Siena Liggins

As the rising artist prepares for the release of her album, ‘No Valet’ is an exciting sample for what is yet to come.

Aside from the music, Siena will be a light in the music industry as her career continues to ascend.

Be sure to check out her latest single and look out for her upcoming album set to release in April.