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Rihanna’s most savage moments that proves she’s the biggest boss

Rihanna is just known for being the baddest bitch. She’s hot, she’s super talented, and she goes about her day, no fucks given.

The superstar singer, influencer, and award-winning philanthropist has proved time and time again that she’s a savage.

She’s started scholarship-program non-profits, built oncology centers in her home country of Barbados, and was honored by Harvard as the Humanitarian of the Year in 2016. Recently, Rihanna launched her new Fenty Beauty collection, inspiring and empowering women throughout the world through makeup.

Over the years, she’s had no problem being open with her audience, she doesn’t alter her personality for anyone, and has proved time and time again that the force of RiRi isn’t one to be fucked with.

Everyone can learn a thing or two from Rihanna. In a world where bullshit is entirely too prevalent, it’s best to keep your cool, speak your mind, and react in your most composed manner.

And we’ve seen some pretty priceless reactions from RiRi throughout the years, but in honor of her non-stop badassery, Kulture Hub has put together a video of Rihanna’s most savage moments.

“Tell her your damn self if you know her,” was the first laugh I’ve had today, and we agree with you Rihanna, being asked about your relationship status in an interview is pretty lame.