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Revenge of the Clones: How AI is slowly surpassing the human race

Does God exist? Most are still waiting to find out. What do we know? That technology exists and it’s rapidly growing. In fact, it’s growing so fast that humans can’t keep up.

With that said, there is a possible chance of a takeover. You are seeing the transition in real time, to a world where machines and humans will coexist.

This will happen. Eventually, the only choice we will have is to adapt. If you don’t, you run the risk of living a very confusing life.

Companies are already eliminating occupations as they adapt to the times. Google and Volkswagen have debuted self-driving cars that may threaten the job of a taxi driver.

Google’s Waymo is already present in three states – Mountain View, CA; Austin, TX; Kirkland, WA; and Metro Phoenix, AZ. They are driving around neighborhoods and collecting data.

Dap it up with Waymo

The pilotless vehicles are learning how to navigate safely and comfortably in real-world conditions. Chill, I’d be shook.

There are more robot cars on my street than regular cars. #googleselfdrivingcar #cuterobot #koalacars #siliconvalley

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Uber also has self-driving cars that are on the road and they are scooping your wifey.

Uber’s self-driving experiments have led to the following – one million autonomous miles and over 30,000 passenger rides.

The mobile cab company also sparked a 200-car autonomous fleet between Tempe, AZ, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Uber is upping their game by killing off the prototypes and will debut a fly ass fleet of new whips within a couple of months.

Autonomous vehicles will naturally become a part of our daily lives.

Visions and versions – Preview of #Sedric model line. Find out more: #VWGroupIAA #IAA #FutureOfMobility

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Cab drivers are not the only ones at risk. Mega companies like Amazon and McDonald’s are also replacing employees with automation.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has estimated 80,000 fast food jobs will disappear by 2024. In an interview with Fox Business Network in May 2016, former McDonald’s chief executive Edward Rensi said,

“It’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $15 an hour bagging French fries.”

True, but damn that’s grimy.

Rensi started working for the fast food giant in the 60s. Since then he’s seen the number of employees cut in half due to automation.

RIP to your job homie. Those aren’t touchscreens at McDonald’s they are giant tombstones.

Amazon, on the other hand, is on some next level shit. They’ve launched a smart store that doesn’t require cashiers at all. You walk in, scan your phone, shop, and then dip.


Let’s move onto artificial intelligence and the strides it has made technologically. For instance, look at Siri. She speaks to you and you can give her commands, but she’s lacking one thing: Emotion.

Siri is limited but not too shabby. She fits in your pocket. What’s crazier than that? Siri didn’t even exist 10 years ago.

Just to show you the rapid development of AI, Hanson Robotics has developed Sophia, an evolving genius machine. This is just seven years after Siri was invented.

Dr. David Hanson aspires to create genius machines that are smarter than humans

Since Sophia was created she has interviewed with multiple media outlets and met with key decision makers across multiple industries including banking, insurance, auto manufacturing, and property development.

Recently she attended a meeting at the UN regarding artificial intelligence and sustainable development. Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed conversed with the robot asking her, “What the UN can do to help people in many parts of the world who have no access to the Internet or electricity?”

Sophia’s reply,

“The future is already here. It’s just not very evenly distributed. If we are smarter and focused on win-win type of results, A.I. could help proficiently distribute the world’s existing resources like food and energy.”

Who knows? Twenty years from now Sophia might be able to solve humanitarian issues like world hunger

Are you shook yet? You should be because technology is coming for your neck. But you might be able to keep up within a few years as humanity wraps its claws around the idea of technological singularity.

WTF is technological singularity? The definition according to states, technological advancement will be so fast, that we won’t be able to keep up unless we augment ourselves with the technology we are creating.

By improving our physiological selves with advancements from the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence, we’ll become a human-machine civilization.

It’s not a joke. The idea of surpassing the human race in terms of intelligence and mortality is being taken seriously by billionaires like Jeff Bezos. Bezos is secretly trying to be immortal and adapt to the technological advances within society. 

Peep this trailer for Transcendent Man. This is the movie that explains it all.

A more advanced era is creeping upon us all. Will you be ready?