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Restaurant in Cali proudly serves Popeyes chicken as their own… for $13!

Last night, I had the crunchy, warm, comforting goodness that is Popeyes, and it did not disappoint in hitting the right spot.

It’s no wonder, then, why Sweet Dixie Kitchen responded to a Yelp review of them being called out for serving Popeyes chicken with… Pride?

The review  from yelp said the following:

The owner of Sweet Dixie Kitchen Kimberly Sanchez, commented that, “We proudly serve Popeyes spicy tenders.”

This prompted the question of whether Popeyes was in collaboration with the little restaurant, and attacks on Sweet Dixie Kitchen’s lack of moral ethics.

“…We don’t mill our own flour as we don’t own a mill or wheat farm and our coconut cake is made by our prep cook who makes cakes for private clients. Just FYI. So whatever to you and your little review like it was some great exposure – and whatever to you dude. We do what we do and bring Long Beach the best food – mostly made here but we always get by with a little help from our friends – and we don’t want it any other way,” wrote Sanchez.

The restaurant has been charging $13 for the chicken. Dixie Kitchen has other options of food that they actually make, such as potato salad and egg quiche, but still used Popeyes chicken for meals like chicken and waffles.

According to Fox News, Sanchez claims that she never hid the fact that she was using Popeyes chicken.

“I tried Costco chicken, I tried Restaurant Depot chicken, and then I went to dinner at Popeyes and knew this was the chicken we had to use for the store. It’s the best chicken.”

Sanchez told Fox that it was never a secret that they served Popeyes, and even put where the chicken was imported from on their restaurant board.

“We wrote it on our board in the restaurant, ‘Imported from Louisiana this week, thank you Popeyes.’ It wasn’t a secret. We use the chicken as an ingredient in a menu item we made, we don’t use their sauces or anything else.”

Since the scandal, Sanchez has been attempting to reach the owner of the Popeyes franchise so that their partnership can become official.