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Respect the Woo: Why Pop Smoke deserves a better album cover

Team Yé has been throwing us some basura lately when it comes to their creative output. The “Wash Us In Blood feat. Travis Scott” video dropped today and we don’t understand why West is tryna wash us in this dookie.

It’s like the work of an amateur editor with two hours to complete a forgettable school assignment that they’re hoping they can pass off as deep or abstract enough to get a passing grade. You’re just not on that level of enlightenment to understand how hot this is -head ass.

Our newsroom was rife with appropriate commentary on the Pop Smoke album cover screw up:

“Tired of the privilege. Not everything they (team Yé) do is hot and it’s clear. Thought you could fool us. HA!”

Respect the woo at all times

Here’s the thing though, you can mess with your own art, but don’t you dare fuck up someone else’s. Virgil Abloh has come under major scrutiny for his cover art for Pop Smoke’s posthumous album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon.

C’mon Abloh you can’t just phone this in and hope everything attached to your name is gonna be hot. This is the King of New York, you gotta do way better.

Respect the Woo.

While we’re here let’s bring up another time team Ye messed up a chance at working with Pop smoke’s music. The “GATTI” track. You may remember fans violating Scott on Twitter when the song dropped last December.

The collab between JACKBOYS and Pop was an amazing match, but unfortunately Scott is just not the right transition. Smoke is so raw. His energy is Canarsie, the energy is Brooklyn, the energy is hot.

Scott’s auto-tune takes you out of that to a less physically present place. A different world. This is great on other songs, but not with this one. This was a contentious convo within our newsroom.

“It’s such a high-energy popping song and Travis’ tinny auto-tune heavy flow is so unfitting for it”

But let’s get back to today’s artistic blunder.

An album cover only fit for a King

Abloh has since deleted the IG post sharing the album art and is hopefully working on an alternative. However, the community that loves Pop Smoke came armed with amazing album art alternatives worthy of the King of NY.

If Gabrielle’s art is not your style, here’s another version by @studiocreativiti.

Or try something more focused on the album name “Shoot for the stars, Aim for the Moon,” like @godsgiftEM, it’s wallpaper worthy.

So if you need any art inspo Virgil here’s plenty. Or better yet just let one of these fans and artists bless the cover art and call it a day.

You don’t have to be involved in everything.