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R&B artist AlmondMilkHunni shares the story behind her debut EP of Bops


You may know AlmondMilkHunni via her giant social media presence. A talented bad bitch, AlmondMilkHunni decided a couple of years ago to pursue her first artistic passion: music.

I got a chance to talk to Almond about her self titled debut EP released today and the journey that brought her here.


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Henni Heartbreak music video out now! Link in bio

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A Singer from the Start

Almond was raised in a conservative and religious family in Philadelphia. She sang in her church at a young age and her performance skills began there. Almond remembers the experience as difficult at first.

“I was around music my whole life. I used to sing for my church, and I think I was probably thirteen when I started doing that, so I just would always sing all the time. But singing for my church was my first singing-in-front-of-other-people experience, so it was, at first, horrifying.”

Her shyness would overcome her and she would work on her musical craft in other ways. She delved into writing songs and melodies.

College-Debt and Dancing

Almond began her college career with high hopes. She decided on Political Science and a Pre-Law degree. But her financial background was not ready for the financial toll of tuition costs like so many American families.

“My father is a deacon at a Presbyterian Church, presently religious, but I think they were even more so when I was growing up. But my parents come from more of the lower-class side, so — and I am the first-generation college student — when it came time to put myself through college and literally all of the financial aid, I had to do all of that myself.”

In order to pursue her degree, Almond Milk Hunni made a decision to work as a dancer her sophomore year of college. The money was good but her parents were not quick to approve. Eventually, they would understand.

“it was tough for my parents, of course, it was really tough, but I think it helped them grow, too, because now they are starting to think about what aspects of their religion means to them in regards to how they feel about things. Now, they are just like, “You know, well, you did what you had to do to be in the spot you are in now.”


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Back to my roots, roles reversed

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AlmondMilkHunni also worked as a Starbucks Barista where she gained her name. Almond explained how the name stuck and became her Instagram user name.

“it was just a joke at first because I’d just always drink almond milk at work — kind of when the almond milk craze just started.”

With all her followers on Social Media knowing her as AlmondMilkHunni, the artist decided to keep the pseudonym when pursuing her music career.

Music over everything

During her last college Winter break, filled with studying for the L-SAT and other law school-related requirements, Almond was re-evaluating what she wanted in life.

“It just started to really weigh on me, and I think it just sort of clicked in my head where I was really questioning what I wanted to do with my life, but also questioning deeper things, like what it means to be fulfilled in life.”

She realized that music was what she always loved but she never gave it a real chance. Feeling at a tipping point, AlmondMilkHunni decided to put her all into Music.

“And I just took the risk, but at the same time, I am also the kind of person who has to give herself, like leverage, so my risk was dropping out. So if I just wanted to put my own music out, I thought I should just drop out of school. I thought I could always go back to school.”


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So grateful

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Trials and Tribulations

AlmondMilkHunni used that mindset and energy to create her music. I asked Almond how she dealt with obstacles and hiccups while producing her EP.

“It was honestly very tough. So, the first song I have ever worked on was ‘Grapefruit’, recorded and everything. All in all, it was really hard because we had to record the entire song, I am talking layers, harmony, literally everything. We had to record it like three times over because we had so many technical issues. Like my producer’s computer crashed, and then there were also so many more issues.”

Almond had a distinct way of keeping perspective though. With all the difficulties, she doubted herself but then she thought,

“Ok, maybe it’s just not meant to be. But maybe now is the test to see if you really, really want to do this.”

That drive paid off. The last take for the track ended up being the best.

I asked Almond, who still writes songs and melodies, how she finds inspiration for her craft. Almond noted being thankful for having more resources now and working with writer Jay McKenzie. 

Going by writing by myself my whole life to having resources like that is so incredible. What we do is for inspiration is that we will hear a song and listen to what it sounds like and what it feels like more than anything, and then I always have to relate it to something in my personal life.

Almond’s EP is based on a previous relationship. Her feelings are clear and relatable with tracks like “Henni Heartbreak” a raw emotional single while still being a Bop with AlmondMilkHunni’s underlying sassiness.

Tracks like “Bandana” are more uplifting exploring the flattery of an ex-lover being with someone who looks like you. Her viral debut single from 2019 “Grapefruit ft. Evander Griiim” is just a good time, with Almondmilkhunni owning her bad bitch energy.

It’s like a little bit throwing shade but not in a negative way, but you know, it is a little bit sassy and I know that you know that this is what this is about.

2020 Vision

When things go back to a near-normal, AlmondMilkHunni is looking forward to connecting with her fans via performing.

“I feel like the best thing is to physically connect with other people. And I just would love to meet the people who support me.”

She’s also looking forward to building relationships and working with new people on music.

“So everyday, I am kind of just like, wow, I wonder who I am going to talk to, or who is going to receive me and be open to collaborate.”


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What if I told you ❓ that we ⬅️ have a banger coming

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I asked Almond if she could collab with anybody right now who it would be and she answered with Megan Thee Stallion among others.

“Her personality is amazing. She is so authentic. And even beyond working with her, I would just love to see her creative process. I love a lot of artists with whom I’d love to collaborate. There’s a ton of alternative artists with whom I’d love to branch out sonically and try different things.”

Keeping Creativity amid COVID

With nothin’ but time, AlmondMilkHunni expressed that while inspiration can be hard to find during negative situations like COVID, there’s plenty of ways to stay creative.

Almond has been working on her producing skills and implementing more time with the creation of melodies. Putting her all into music doesn’t mean she doesn’t take out time for herself though. Almond connects with her creativity through self-care.

“My biggest thing right now is journaling, meditating and listening to podcasts. I am feeling very connected to my creative side right now.

Almond is also connected with her fans. During this time she’s been interacting with them and checking in on how they’re doing. Almond’s followers are more than just fans, she cherishes them as her support system and friends.

“I am back to the beginning because I just invested my time into building that following and now I have that following and am able to enjoy them — to see how everyone is doing, how they are feeling, what everyone likes, what they’d like to hear from me. Really nice, honestly, to feel like I have this time for people who support me and have become my friends.”

And her fans really are there for her and showing out for her EP. The Twitter thread about her release is both heartwarming and exciting to see.

During such a difficult time, Almond has some advice for creatives who may be doubting themselves:

“Stay persistent and resilient. Every setback doesn’t mean that it’s a bad sign of what you are doing, but it’s more like something to overcome.”

You can follow the R&B Bop Bad Bitch on IG and Twitter @almondmilkhunni and stream her EP AlmondMilkHunni on all platforms today.