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Ray J continues to stay impervious to L’s, sells tech company for $31 million

When it really comes down to it, Ray J is perhaps the most significant historical figure of the 21st century.

Not only did he change Kim K’s life forever but he’s made a countless amount of contributions to the culture that should not go understated.

As Vince Staples pointed out in an interview with Hot 97, Ray J has never taken an L.

He goes on to list Ray J’s wild accomplishments including playing a role in the careers of The Game, Kanye West, the show Moesha (shout out to his sister Brandy), and that Ray J caused the (alleged) decline of Fabolous’ career. To sum it up he said,

“Everything that we love is directly related to Ray J.”

Now continuing on with that legacy, it appears that Ray J is now making moves in the tech world and was recently a part of an acquisition for Raycon, an electronics transportation brand he started in 2015 that just sold for $31 million, according to Business Wire.

Yeah, motherfucker. $31 million.

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How much Ray J is walking away with is undisclosed but the fact that he’s the CEO and making these types of moves while everything he pretty much created continues to rise, is a testament to this man’s powers.

His company was acquired by NYC-based Cowboy Wholesale who’ve sold already a collective $1 billion in sales of consumer electronics.

Raycon has been responsible for the popular Scoot-E-Bike and now with the sale of his company, Ray J will transition into a role overseeing marketing and global branding strategy. In a statement he said,

“The world is moving towards renewable green energy, and electric transportation is a big part of that. With the Raycon movement, we are going to make sure we are one of the first ones there.”

It’s insane that Ray J is really out here on the tech tip selling companies for tens of millions of dollars, but can anyone truly be that shocked?

Shout out to this man for flipping work and being a living legend.