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Queen of her city: Here’s everything Beyonce has done for Houston so far

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Texas on August 25th, 2017 and since then countless efforts have been made to help aid the recovery of everyone affected by the storm.

Celebrities like Kevin Hart encouraged everyone from peers to fans to participate in Houston’s aid.

The most notable contributions would come from Houston native Beyonce, who is continuously using every opportunity to provide support and love for her city in its time of need.

Beyonce has been making an intense effort to not only give back to Houston financially (as her pastor Rudy Rasmus said she’s done for years) but has also been hands on with relief efforts for those most impacted by Harvey.

By keeping everything she does to the lowest of keys Beyonce has proved her efforts to be out of love and genuine support.

There aren’t too many details of Beyonce’s contributions to Harvey relief but here’s what we do know what she’s done for Houston so far.


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Beyonce’s own organization BeyGOOD focuses on giving support to those that need it most.

BeyGOOD has actively been on the ground continuing to reconnect families as well as provide shelter, food, clothing, and other needs necessary to help victims get back on their feet.

Throwing luncheons in different locations in need of food including her own St. Johns Church, Beyonce has managed to deploy relief efforts all around the city helping to rebuild her hometown .

Beyonce herself has also been putting in the groundwork, serving food to families herself as well as speaking and inspiring everyone to be strong.

Secret Donations

Anything regarding Beyonce and her finances is mostly kept quiet by the pop star. As the destruction caused by Harvey began, Kevin Hart issued a direct challenge to Beyonce and Jay-Z to contribute funds to Houston.

Soon after, Beyonce’s long time pastor Rudy Rasmus confirmed that Beyonce has always given to Houston saying that “Beyonce is extremely private, and has done a lot that she has requested we don’t announce and publicize, over the years.”

Adding on that Rasmus said, “She has always taken a position to help this city in it’s times of need, and now is no different. She has really stepped up and it’s been a real blessing for us.”

It’s been reported that she has already donated $7 million to Houston’s recovery, Rev. Rasmus however chose not to confirm the number but we can assume that she has and will continue to do a lot more for the city than we will know.

Climate Change Awareness

With increasing global catastrophes occurring like Mexico’s recent 8.1 magnitude earthquake and Hurricane Irma destroying the Caribbean and parts of Florida, climate change is a conversation that needs to start being taken seriously.

Proving that her efforts extend far past her hometown, Beyonce released a video discussing man-made climate change and how it will continue affecting us.

After taking a quick moment to show her disapproval for the hate-filled news we’re plagued with everyday Beyonce goes on to call for a collective effort to raise our voices and bring attention to climate change or the ‘hoax’ as our president likes to call it.