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Quavo accused of washing a jeweler and stealing his $30,000 chain at Grammy party

Contrary to popular belief, the Migos, haven’t gone completely pop.

TMZ is reporting that Quavo, who makes up 1/3 of the group, allegedly put a hurting on a famed jeweler during a Grammys after party at 1Oak in NYC.

The victim at hand,¬†Eric the Jeweler, went to NYPD Tuesday to tell his side of story where he details getting into a physical altercation with the “Bad and Boujie” artist after talks of unpaid services.

Eric told the officers he was jumped by Quavo and another man who was partying with the group — a man that TMZ insiders confirmed wasn’t Offset or Takeoff.


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According to Eric’s story, he left the venue with minor face injuries but more significantly, without his $30,000 chain.

While the Migos are into high fashion and though retail stores now find their music palatable, they still are very much North Atlanta through and through. They’re still very much with the shits!

In a single weekend — last year’s BET award show weekend to be exact — the Migos found themselves almost fighting then Everyday Struggle host Joe Budden mid interview, and squared off with Chris Brown and his crew at an after party.

Having made pieces for Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and French Montana, it’s safe to say Eric the Jeweler isn’t just anybody. Whether charges are pressed and enough evidence is found remains to be seen.

One can only hope this situation is quickly resolved and that no one gets hurt or sent to prison.