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#QuarantineComeback: Help us raise $5000 for creatives of color in need

Since our start in 2017, Kulture Hub has been for the creatives. With this effort, we hope to raise $5,000 worth of funds for five creatives ($1,000 each) in our community whose businesses have been affected by quarantine.

Additionally, the funds will be allocated to tools needed for ongoing creative projects that have come to a halt because of quarantine.

Click here to support the cause on GoFundMe.

Following the Coronvirus pandemic, creatives nationwide were affected by the shelter in place laws passed thus preventing them from carrying out their daily tasks that help fund their businesses.

After seeing the effects of this on our community #QuarantineComeback was born. And since it’s inception we’ve reached out to over 100 creators in our community to give positive advice and hope to creatives who are down and out. 

Kulture Hub CEO Serge Efap said:

“Creatives fuel our generation with their creativity, outside of the box thinking, and ability to magnify expression through their art. It is important that we continue to enable the creatives of our generation so they can continue to drive innovation across all industries.”

Things are tough right now, especially for creatives. Video shoots have been postponed, events have been canceled, and work has been slowed. And at this time, now more than ever, creatives need our help to stay afloat. Donate to the campaign here.

Kulture Hub COO Julian San Pedro said:

“Being a creative means more than just bringing a vision to life, it’s taking part in a community. Inspiring others and fueling their imagination is a never-ending cycle that always comes back to you.”

We need to stick together, and although positive messages have a great effect, funds are needed to keep calm and carry on. Still, this untimely event will make us stronger. This campaign means more than just helping a couple of creatives.

Your help serves as a reminder that there’s more to life. Click here to support this cause on GoFundMe.