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Pull up: Getty Images is holding it down for Latinx photographers this Friday

On Friday, October 12, Getty Images Creative is holding it down for Latinx photographers and filmmakers.

Whether you are originally from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central or South America, the event, “Nosotros,” invites you to showcase how you ‘put it on’ for your culture through photo and film.

The event comes at a time when Latin American people form the largest minority in the United States, yet they are vastly underrepresented in mainstream media.

¿Cómo es eso posible?

Getty Images

Those employed behind the lens are 82 percent White! This is a huge problem as only 8.7 percent of employed photographers identify as Latino, according to the Bureau of Labor.

Plus, in 2017, a report analyzed inequality in over 900 popular films. The results revealed some damning facts that Latinos are grossly underrepresented. One that’ll rock your noggin – only one Latina had directed a top 100 film over a nine-year span.  (2007-2016, excluding 2011).

There is obviously a need for appropriate representation. Not to mention, the current social climate that calls for accurate representation of all races. This is an era where you can change the conversation with your creativity.

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Companies are playing catch up as they make an attempt to connect with their customers but because of misrepresentation, they are failing. Simply put, consumers need more Latinx imagery, that is inclusive and authentic, across all subject areas.

Enter Getty Images and their mission to create more diverse content. Through “Nosotros” they hope to connect with Latinx photographers within the NYC/NY community over good vibes.

This is a call for Latinx photographers and filmmakers. So, make sure you pull up this Friday for a drink and meet the team from Getty Images Creative.

Getty Images

Make your own opportunity, work with the largest photo-stock agency on the planet, and support the movement towards better representation of Latin American communities and culture.

Hopefully, you’ll take advantage of this chance to network with like-minded individuals. Truth be told, there is power in numbers and syncing culturally should take precedence.