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Puerto Rico is still not gucci and now FEMA is leaving residents stranded

Did you know that it’s been slow for Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria? Well, things just got worse as they are struggling to deal with a recent housing cut by FEMA.

According to a recent NBC report detailing a statement from Connecticut officials, funding for 36 families affected by the superstorm have had their FEMA housing assistance rescinded in Connecticut.

Families who had been displaced by Hurricane Maria were staying in Connecticut hotels, until now.

Connecticut Gov. Daniel P. Malloy said in a critical letter to FEMA Administrator Brock Long on Jan. 18.,

“I write today to request immediate reversal of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) sudden decision to rescind.”

He added,

“All things considered, it is hard to come to any conclusion other than that the federal government sees the United States citizens who inhabit Puerto Rico as second class…”

Can you imagine not having any place to go after being promised housing assistance? Tight, especially if you were promised Transitional Sheltering Assistance until Valentine’s Day and now you have to check out by 2pm Thursday. With no warning!

The displaced US citizens felt the need to express how they felt about the situation. In an interview with WITC, resident Yahaira Falson said,

“For FEMA to sit there and say one thing on the phone and then turn around and just stab us in the back like that is very hurtful because they’re here to help us. They can’t just sit here, bring us here and forget about us.”

So, why are Hurricane Maria victims getting the boot? After an eligibility review, FEMA decided that 24 out of the 36 families had cribs that were deemed “livable.”

FEMA Public Affairs Director William Booher told BuzzFeed,

“Upon review of their case files, we found that 24 were ineligible for the (Transitional Shelter Assistance) because after inspection of their dwellings, it was determined they had little or no damage and their utilities were on…”

Even Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin had to put his two cents in. Criticizing FEMA’s backpedaling decision. He said that they “reversed that decision in the most coldhearted and calloused way.”

Sheesh, what are we going to do? Government agencies like FEMA are supposed to be there for American people when they are suffering.

We can only hope that FEMA will reverse their decision and allow the same families who were given the boot to stay. At least they have guaranteed housing assistance until Feb. 1.