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PSA: White people are seasoning their turkeys with Hot Cheetos

The most hotboy Thanksgiving turkey recipe just dropped and it looks disgusting.

According to the white people at Reynolds, flavor blasting your Thanksgiving bird with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos could be wavy.

Yeah, ok, FOH! You already know a white hand in the photo seasoning that.

Reynolds Kitchens

There are so many things wrong with this recipe idea. First of all, how tight would you be if you pulled up to a Thanksgiving dinner and someone’s mommy pulled this out of the oven? Stupid heated.

All the recipe calls for is crushed up “hot puffed cheese sticks.” That’s it?

Reynolds Kitchens

Like, could you not take the time to cop real seasonings? Your auntie dead went to the gas station and bought a bag of hot Cheetos instead of picking up rosemary at the supermarket.

This is lowkey a struggle meal. How are you going to spend $1.69 for seasonings on a bird that cost $23.04? Yeah, you see how absurd this is.

If you don’t think this is crazy you might have to check yourself into rehab because you have a severe addiction to Cheeto dust.

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I know there are a couple people out there that think this is lit. You savages!

Just for you chip addicts out there, I’m going to bless you with another sus recipe Reynolds dropped.

The ranch corn chip turkey. Yuck, that sounds so gross.

Yeah, you are legit buggin’ if you are fucking with any of these recipes.

Know this right now, if I pull up and I see you take either one of these chip turkeys out the oven consider our friendship over and I’m going to tell everyone what you did to me.

Deadass, to the next galaxy with these recipes.

Think about the turkeys, man. Imagine if a turkey cooked and covered you with Hot Cheetos, you would be tight.

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