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PSA: Do not wear Blackface for Halloween… unless you wants these hands

Halloween is turning into an excuse for people to take part in a very racist activity – blackface.

That shouldn’t be the case. Get a grip. That is for those of you who think it’s ok to stroll around and paint your face to dress up as another race.

Blackness is not a costume. It includes a struggle that no other person can relate to unless of course, you have a dark complexion.

If you’re not of a darker tint or of any tint, I want you to imagine what it feels like to live in fear of someone judging you because of the color of your skin. This includes people running judgment about your monetary status, social status, educational knowledge, and an assumption that you’re a criminal.

Imagine every time you hear a siren you get shook, not because you did something but because of your innocence. This shit is real. Shit, if you want to be Black for Halloween so bad, I’m finna be a white cop so I can beat that ass.

The only person that can get away with painting his face another race is Dave Chappelle.

Why is it so offensive to us? It dates back to the early 1800s. Actors used to take shoe polish and apply it to their faces in order to portray African-Americans.

These “characters” that ended up going mainstream were kind of the only way people could relate to black culture, back then. It was a way to control how African Americans were portrayed in the media without giving them proper representation.

We were seen as not good enough to play our own skin color. That’s fucked. So please think about your costume thoroughly before you step outside tonight. If you have to wonder if it’s going to offend someone you probably shouldn’t wear it.

Like these idiots poking fun at Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the struggle

And this fuckboy, I hope he caught the hands

This cop is buggin’

Or this Staples employee who thought it was a good idea to paint her face black for her Sharpie costume. Nope, FOH, Wrong!

Sheesh! It’s a very simple process to apply that black paint to your face and it’s also a very simple process not to.

Think about the feelings of someone else and how uncomfortable it would feel standing next to someone wearing some costume like the ones above.

There is a very simple way to portray a Black role model even if you are white. Wear an iconic outfit that your role model is known for. Let the costume speak for itself. You know you dropped $100 on it anyway.

Why drop more money on black face paint or shoe polish? Just embrace the costume and act like the person that would wear the costume.

Although mad people hated on Kim K for paying homage to Aaliyah for Halloween, she didn’t paint her face black.

Do not follow in the footsteps of those who have dressed up as the Jamaican bobsled team,  Uzo Aduba, or Trayvon Martin. Those people have poor taste anyhow.

If you really need a guide on what not to wear as a Halloween costume please peep The Daily Show‘s video guide below.

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