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Prisoner who Tom Hardy played in a movie now wants actor to be his surrogate

In 2008, actor Tom Hardy played the role of legendary British deviant Charles Bronson in the film Bronson, which portrayed the hardened criminal’s life. Eleven years later, Bronson is asking Hardy to father his child.

Was Bronson that impressed by the re-enactment? Maybe, Tom Hardy did claim Best Actor at the British Independent Film Awards.

Realistically, Bronson just needs an alternative method of having a child. The most dangerous man in Britain doesn’t have access to conjugal visits. He’s looking to seal the deal with his fiancee, soap opera actress Paula Williamson.

According to The Independent, Charles Bronson, a.k.a. Charles Salvador, penned a letter hinting that he would like Hardy to impregnate his fiancee. Peep what Bronson said in the letter,

“The powers that be seem to think I can’t have a baby with my Paula. But you know… I always come up with something special.  Maybe a ­surrogate daddy. If Tom says yes, I think it’s got to be him. Get a meet with Tom. See what he thinks. I think Paula would go with that choice. I’ll be discussing it with my Paula. It will be nice for her to have a baby to keep her happy while she awaits my freedom.”


History has claimed Bronson is the “most violent prisoner in Britain.” If you can name it he’s done it. From the age of 13, Bronson has been getting into trouble. He landed his first charge stealing with a gang of four robbers he ran with.

That’s just the beginning. Homie Bronson is a lifer now aged 64. Although he’s been in and out of prison for multiple petty crimes it’s his straight up give no fucks attitude that landed him the life sentence.

The bare-knuckle fighter will fuck anyone up that gets in his way. Bronson is brazy!

He tried to dig his way out of his cell, poisoned a fellow prisoner, dapped it up with the Krays (two twin brothers who were gangsters), and clapped someone with a glass jam jar.

George Bamby

If you think that was enough to get him life, wait until you hear this. Homie was released for a little until he kidnapped an art teacher in a 40-hour siege in 1999. Yo, chill I can go on forever, but I’m guessing you get the point.

But wait a minute, can’t Bronson just put his jizz up a turkey baster? Does he really need Hardy to the do the dirty deed with his fiancee? This guy is freaky, he’s trying to have Hardy act as him while he’s having sex with his wife, that is, if Hardy accepts the offer.

Bronson has a backup just in case Hardy declines, British actor Danny Dyer. Why? Because he has jet black hair. Peep what else Bronson said in his letter, “If Tom shuns the offer he said he will turn to Danny Dyer, also 40, to help ensure the baby has the ‘jet black hair.”

According to The Independent Bronson and Williamson decided to get engaged after six months of swapping love letters. They plan on getting married before Bronson’s parole hearing on November 7.

Sheesh, do you think Hardy or Dyer will accept the offer? Peep Bronson’s Fiancee in an interview. She might be lowkey crazy too.